Aeon 5.2.6 point release now available

Hello Aeon Users,

The 5.2.6 Aeon point release is now live. Staff will begin receiving client update notifications. And Atlas-hosted customers can schedule server updates by contacting Please consult the release notes for additional information.

If you have experienced the bug with appointment username mismatch errors, we recommend you update both client and server versions to fully resolve the issue.


Below please find information related to a new issue with the Aeon client crashing. While the below information mentions WebView2 (a browser version embedded in the Aeon client and Aeon client addons), the WebView2 fix noted in the release notes for today’s point release is unrelated.

Aeon Client Crashing - Background

There have been several reports surrounding the Aeon Client crashing. After further investigation, we have found Microsoft released an update on Microsoft WebView2 to version 121.0.2277.83. The update seems to be affecting Chromium and WebView2 addons by causing the Client to crash.

This is because the update no longer allows users to run both Chromium and WebView2 browsers at the same time. As a result, Aeon users on version 5.2 may experience client crashing when using Chromium-based client addons.

What we’re doing to resolve the issue

Atlas Systems is working to update any supported client addons that have not yet been converted from Chromium to allow support for WebView2. We will post updates as the addons become available. Note: If you are running any addons that have support for WebView2 with Chromium as a backup, these addons will be fine to leave in place.

In the meantime, we recommend verifying you’re using the latest version of the addon and turning off the affected addons. We do not recommend rolling back to the previous version of WebView2.

If you a running a custom addon Atlas developed for your institution, please contact for assistance converting the addon to WebView2.

If you have any questions, please email




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