Docline lending import resolution after cloud migration

Hello ILLiad Users,

If you are seeing the error message below when importing your lending requests from Docline, please read the message below for instructions on how to resolve this issue.


DOCLINE recently performed a system migration that moved their servers to the cloud on August 10th -11th. After the migration, some institutions have encountered issues with logging in. Docline developers are working with NIH CIT to restore the login credentials for those who have lost access. If you’ve already followed DOCLINE steps to clear your cache and cookies and are still receiving issues, you may need to contact your Campus IT with the resolution outlined below.


DOCLINE recent cloud migration included DNS changes that require a process known as cache propagation to ensure that the updated DNS records are distributed and recognized across the global network of DNS servers. During this cache propagation process, which typically takes between 24 to 72 hours or more depending on individual Campus IT configurations, there might be instances where you experience intermittent access issues to their services, including being unable to access DOCLINE at, and/or from within ILLiad.  This is due to DNS servers across the internet updating their records to reflect the new changes. Once this process has been performed, you should be able to access Docline in both ILLiad and in a browser.

If, after the cache propagation period has passed, you continue to experience difficulties accessing their services, you may need to reach out to your campus IT team. They may need to update any cached DNS entries on your campus DNS servers.

For any further questions, please contact your ILLiad hosting provider.


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