Aeon sites that are "by appointment" only?

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I was wondering if any Aeon sites out there require patrons to make an appointment, in addition to requesting the item in Aeon.  We're trying to implement Aeon at our Music Library here and they only receive patrons on an appointment basis.  So we'd be curious to hear how others have handled this.  Please feel free to contact me at:

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Moira Fitzgerald

Head, Access Services

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Libray

Yale University

(203) 432-2973



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  • Hello Moira,

    We are open to walk-in researchers for the most part, but do require appointments to view glass or film negatives. This is perhaps a different situation than at your Music Library, but I'll share our workflow below in case it helps. We're still quite new with Aeon, but this seems to be working well so far:

    - Researcher submits request in Aeon

    - Paging staff determine that requested materials require appointment, and send a custom Aeon email template to the researcher with more information

    - The "reply-to" address on the email template directs researcher's reply to Pictorial unit staff

    - Pictorial unit staff route the request to a custom queue called "Awaiting Appointment Confirmation" until a time/date has been coordinated with the researcher (this queue does not count against the request limit)

    - Once appointment is confirmed, request is routed through the usual queues (In Item Retrieval, Item on Hold). We add a flag to note the specific hold location for the negatives (which is separate from our regular hold areas).

    We do also require all of our researchers to let us know when they plan to visit by entering a First Day of Visit and Last Day of Visit on all their requests, and we let them know that materials will be ready for them on their first day of visit. This functions sort of like an unofficial appointment system (although they aren't required to specify an arrival time, and may arrive on any day between their First and Last Day of Visit.) Katie Gillespie helped us configure the date calendars on the request forms so researchers cannot schedule a day of visit when we are closed or during holidays.

    Hope this helps! I'm happy to share more details if you'd like.


    Kate Tasker

    Project Librarian for Public Services

    The Bancroft Library

    University of California, Berkeley



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