Users getting kicked out to glogon2.html every time they click in the Ares webpages

Version 4.6.1 changed the way SessionIDs are managed. Instead of being included in the URL, it is now in a cookie instead. Most users won't have any issue with this, and it is more secure to have it in a cookie. But some sites have found that they have a lot of users who are having issues. If their browser isn't allowing cookies, then every time they click in the Ares webpages the DLL cannot find their SessionID and so it sends them to the glogon2.html page to login. 

In version 4.6.2 we added a new customization key called URLSessionIDWebPath where you can put the webpath(s) of your Ares web directories and then it will put the SessionID back into the URL for those web directories. (If you have mulitple web directories, you enter their web paths with a pipe character | separating them.)

You don't have to restart IIS or anything. As soon as you put the webpath into the URLSessionIDWebPath key it will put the SessionID back in the URL so that they no longer depend on that browser cookie.



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  • This issue has been resolved in the most recent update.

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