ArchivesSpace v2.0.1 Available

Hello everyone,

Christine Di Bella, the Program Manager of ArchivesSpace, has announced the release of version 2.0.1. I have reposted her announcement below. Please let me know if you would like to update your Atlas-hosted server to the new version by either replying here or contacting me at


Anne Marie Lyons


From Christine's announcement:

The ArchivesSpace team was pleased to announce the release of v2.0.0 ( on April 19 . The release includes many changes to the underlying technologies of the application as well as improved functionality in some key areas. Summary information about these changes is available in the release notes. The changes include upgrading to Rails 5, better performance for background jobs and larger databases, a new way to reorder components in resources and digital objects, and remediation of some issues with reports. We have also made available a separate release file for those wanting to try out the beta of the new public user interface ( Thanks to all who provided feature specifications, code, testing feedback, and other support for all the work that went into this release.

We subsequently released a small patch release, v2.0.1 (, on May 3. This remedies an issue where the resource tree appears to become unresponsive after saving a record. Those using previous versions of ArchivesSpace who have not yet upgraded to 2.0.0 can upgrade directly to 2.0.1 when they are ready.



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  • Thanks for re-posting that! Nice to hear about the remediation of reports issues.

    Zak Liebhaber

    UCSB Library Special Research Collections

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