Resolving Missing TempUpload Folder Issue After the March 2022 Ares 4.7 Server Update

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Product Ares
Version 4.7
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Note: These instructions are for self-hosted Ares sites experiencing issues after performing the Ares 4.7 server update.

Some sites are encountering an issue after performing the Ares 4.7 server update released on March 1st, 2022 that causes the TempUpload folder (default location: C:\Ares\AresDocs\TempUpload\) to be removed after using the v4.7.2.0 server installer. 

Tip: Check the TempUploadPath customization key value in the Ares Customization Manager under Web | Paths to find the path of the TempUpload folder on your Ares Server.

Before updating, this issue can be avoided by placing a file inside the TempUpload folder before running the server installer:

  1. Create a temporary file in the TempUpload folder (default location: C:\Ares\AresDocs\TempUpload\), such as an empty text document.
  2. Run the v4.7.2.0 server installer to perform the server update.
  3. Delete the temporary file from the TempUpload folder after the update is completed.

If you have already updated your server with the v4.7.2.0 server installer:

  1. Check the usual location of your TempUpload folder (default location: C:\Ares\AresDocs\TempUpload\) to see if the folder has been deleted after the server update.
  2. If the folder is missing, create a new TempUpload folder in this location.


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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