Adding Web Tags for Generating Custom Checkbox Groups

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To use the web tag feature added in Aeon v5.1 to handle generating a list of checkbox groups, please make the following changes below:
Add the following code to any web pages where you are using a large collection of checkboxes:
<#OPTION name="Custom" selectedValue="<#PARAM name='ResearchTopics'>" fieldName="ResearchTopics" type="checkbox" delimiter="," includeOther="true" otherLabel="Other">
The attributes in the code above are broken down as follows:
  • Required:
    • name - 'Custom'.
    • selectedValue - '<#PARAM name='[fieldName]'>'.
    • fieldName - The name of the field the checkboxes are associated with.
  • Optional:
    • delimiter - This can be any character that you want to separate your values in the database. (optional - will default to ',').
    • includeOther - Determines if an 'Other' text box should appear after the list of checkboxes. Default value: False. Can also be set to True.
    • otherLabel - Label displayed with the 'Other' text box, if it exists. Default value: 'Other'.


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