Changing Loan to Article or Article to Loan

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Product ILLiad
Version All
Ticket 14302
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When the patron accidentally submits a Loan request as an Article and a staff member fixes the RequestType (the radio buttons), sometimes the DocumentType field is forgotten about. Normally this doesn't really create a problem; however, when a request is cloned via the webpages, it does pay attention to the DocumentType when determining which Edit form to use. If it's the wrong type, then the cloned item will use the article form, but with no fields filled in. For example, if the DocumentType was an article even though the request was actually a book loan.  


When manually changing the request type, the RequestType needs to be changed from Article to Loan and the DocumentType needs to be changed from Article to Book. The same changes need to be made for an article being changed to a loan. 



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