Updating the Aeon Client (v5.1+)

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Once your IT department has performed the Aeon server update, please follow the instructions below to update your Aeon Client to version 5.1 or later.

You will be prompted to update your password after initial login once the update has been completed.       

Downloading the Aeon Client Installer    

If you haven't been supplied the installer file by your IT department, please contact an Atlas Systems' Customer Service Representative (support@atlas-sys.com or 1-800-567-7401 ext. #1) to obtain the download credentials. All installer files are password protected.     

Send Email Request for Credentials

  1. Go to Aeon Downloads to download the Aeon Client Installer for the version of Aeon to which you are updating.
  2. Right-click on the downloaded zip file and extract the installer files to your Desktop. 

Selecting a Client Install Method  

Beginning with Aeon 5.1, the Aeon Client Installer features a new process that allows users to install the Client at the user-level without requiring the use of escalated admin privileges. This makes the Client accessible at the individual Window's user account level allowing the user to have the ability to update their own Client. When updating or installing the Aeon Client, users should make sure to select the instructions corresponding with the method of installation they select: a "per-user" installation or a "per-machine" installation.
Aeon will remember the choice of installation scope ("per-machine" or "per-user") and will default to that option on future updates. When installing "per-machine," Aeon will also remember the installation directory to use on future updates.

For instructions on performing a silent install via the command line, see Installing the Aeon Client.

Option 1: Per-User Client Install 

  • The recommended method for installation.
  • Require users to opt to "Install just for you" in the "Installation Scope" window of the Aeon Client Installer.
  • Allows each individual user on that machine to install the client for themselves at the user level.
  • Will not require administrative-level privileges for Aeon 5.1/5.2 update or future Client updates.
  • Saved, by default, in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Apps\Aeon\Client\.
  • Must be run for each user account that requires Client access, which may mean multiple installs per machine, if staff share workstations where Aeon is used.
  • Older, per-machine installations of the Aeon Client will need to be manually uninstalled either before or after the Aeon 5.1/5.2 per-user Client installation. Future updates to per-user Clients will automatically update previously-installed per-user Clients versions. 
  • Can be run with or without administrative privileges. We DO NOT recommend running as an administrator. 

Option 2: Per-Machine Client Install

  • Allows all users on the machine to access the Client; requiring an update/install of the client only once on that machine.
  • Require users to opt to "Install for all users of this machine" in the "Installation Scope" window of the Aeon Client Installer.
  • Saved, by default, in C:\Program Files (x86)\Aeon.
  • Only need to run updates and installs one time to provide access for all users on a machine.
  • Will automatically overwrite previous, per-machine versions of the Aeon Client (e.g., the 5.0 Client).
  • Must be run with administrative privileges. 
If updating to v5.1 from a previous version of Aeon, customized print templates will need to be moved to a new print template location that is based on the chosen installation method after the Client update is complete. For more information, see Changes to the Default Print Template Location After the Aeon 5.1 Update.

Running the Aeon Client Installer

Option 1 is the recommended option. Administrative privileges are NOT required to install the Aeon Client for Per-User updates.

Option 1: Installing the Aeon Client Per-User (for Individual Access)

Part A: Installing the Client

  1. Make sure you have logged out of Aeon.
  2. Uninstall the old 5.0 installs if updating from Aeon 5.0 to 5.1. If updating from Aeon 5.1 to 5.2, remove the old installs for 5.1 only if the 5.1 Client was installed at the machine level. Go to Windows\Control Panel\Uninstall a program, find and right-click on Aeon Client, and select Uninstall (Note: This step can be completed after installing the updated Client if preferred). If you do not see the uninstall option, you may have to instead click Change and proceed to uninstall the 5.0/5.1 Client from the Client Setup Wizard window.
  3. If you have not done so already, right-click on the downloaded AeonClientSetup.zip file and extract the AeonClientInstaller.msi file to your Desktop.
  4. Double-click on AeonClientInstaller.msi to run the installer. 
  5. Run through the steps of the installer. In the "Installation Scope" window, make sure "Install just for you" is selected and click "Next."


  6. Navigate through the remaining steps of the install wizard. 
  7. When the installer has completed, select Finish.
  8. Delete the AeonClientInstaller.msi file when complete.
  9. You may now use the Aeon Client, but we strongly recommend you proceed with the next steps (Part B & Part C) and complete the switch from per-machine installation to per-user installation.

Part B: Setting the Location of the .DBC

As of Aeon 5.1, the Atlas SQL Alias Manager may be set to run without prompting for administrative privileges, if the user uses the "Open" button to locate and resave a copy of the .dbc file to a directory that does not require administrative privileges and selects "Set Default (Current User)."


Please note: Even if you install the Client at a per-user level, you may prefer to have a system administrator open the Atlas SQL Alias Manager, select the .dbc file, and click "Set Default (Local Machine)" to set the default connection options for all Aeon Client users on a machine.

Part C: Uninstalling Previous Versions of Aeon (If not completed in Part A)

Previous versions of the Aeon Client will not be uninstalled as part of a per-user Client install.

  1. Use Windows' Add or Remove Programs wizard to uninstall any previous versions of Aeon left on the machine if you did not complete this step before installing the new Client in Part A.
Option 2: Installing the Aeon Client Per-Machine (for All Users on a Machine)
  1. Make sure all users have logged out of Aeon.
  2. If you have not done so already, right-click on the downloaded AeonClientSetup.zip file and extract the AeonClientInstaller.msi file to your Desktop.
  3. Double-click on AeonClientInstaller.msi to run the installer.
  4. Run through the steps of the installer. In the "Installation Scope" window, change the radio button selection from "Install just for you" to "Install for all users of this machine" and click "Next."


  5. Navigate through the remaining steps in the install wizard. 
  6. When the installation has been completed, select Finish.
  7. Delete the AeonClientInstaller.msi file. 


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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