Appointment Scheduling

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These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. To see when this functionality is planned to release, please review What's new and planned for Aeon. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship. 


Appointment Scheduling in Aeon will allow for an expansion of the current scheduled date functionality. This feature will include the ability to set appointment dates and times available to patrons. When patrons submit their requests, they will be able to schedule an appointment and associate additional requests with the existing appointment. Staff will be able to create appointments on behalf of patrons and associate requests with appointments.


  • Integrated appointment calendar: present dates/times available to schedule and let patrons choose their appointment slot either as part of or in advance of submitting a request.
    • configure appointments by time increments (15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr, 3 hrs, etc)
    • block appointment slot when full - gray out appointment dates and times that are not available
    • indicate number of seats/tables available - users (web) and staff (client) can see how many appointments are available on a certain day
    • add MinDate key to require users schedule appointments and submit requests X number of days in advance of an appointment (i.e. 1 week's notice for retrieval would use 7 days).
  • Associate requests with appointments: requests submitted through Aeon can be associated with an existing or new appointment
    • Appointment rescheduling and cancel functionality in both web account and staff client 
    • Rescheduled appointments would automatically reschedule the associated requests
    • Request limit can be applied per appointment, up to the overall RequestLimit
      • each appointment should have its own request limit
      • total appointment requests should not exceed the overall RequestLimit
      • add new key in Customization Manager for appointment request limit, set to 0 by default
    • Ability to send automated emails during the appointment scheduling process (i.e. request/appointment confirmation, rescheduling, and cancelation)
      • email will send an iCal link so users can add appointments to their email calendar
    • Associate existing requests with new or existing appointments
    • Ability to add padding between appointments to account for cleaning and/or other precautions
  • Per repository scheduling: appointments can be configured per Site allowing for different appointment schedules and seat limits per reading room
  • Calendar view in client: see appointments from all patrons at a glance, view available appointments, and move appointments around as needed; also provides ability for staff to schedule appointments on patron's behalf
    • Flag new appointment that has no associated requests
  • Ability to turn on or off appointment requirement: validation or another key should be available for sites to determine whether appointments are required or not
  • New email templates:
    • Appointment Pending
    • Appointment Scheduled
    • Appointment Rescheduled
    • Appointment Cancelled
    • add customization keys to determine if these emails should be sent automatically (base on SendNewUserConfirmationEmail and SendNewAuthConfirmationEmail keys; set to Yes by default)
  • Updated web display: to allow patrons to view and manage their appointments 
    • New section on request forms to replace Scheduled Date with Appointment field(s)
    • New navigation menu option for Appointments
      • opens landing page showing Scheduled Appointments
      • details of each appointment showing requests associated
      • button/option to schedule appointment without an associated request
    • Requests on main menu sorted by reading room requests and photoduplication
      • reading room request data rows show appointment date
      • sorted by appointment date 

Proposed Workflow

To account for the various ways users submit requests and get to Aeon (i.e. OpenURL, Finding Aids, ArchivesSpace, Digital Collections, manual forms, etc.), workflow options need to be available for submitting a request first or creating an appointment first. An appointment can be created without having any associated requests. 

Schedule appointment on submittal

  • User fills out request form (may arrive here via OpenURL, Finding Aid request, or manual form)
  • Aeon displays available appointment options
    • if user has an existing appointment, they can choose the existing appointment or make a new one
  • User chooses appointment and submits request
  • NEW QUEUE: Appointment Pending
    • potential request confirmation email - automated
  • Staff review request and approve appointment 
    • if appointment date is changed, associated requests are also updated with new date
  • NEW QUEUE: Appointment Scheduled
    • potential request confirmation email - automated
  • Paging workflow continues from here

Schedule appointment without request submittal

  • User creates account or logs into Aeon
  • NEW NAV OPTION OR BUTTON: Click Schedule Appointment (button text should be customizable)
  • User can request appointment using available options
  • Appointment scheduled for User (similar to Activity Details - create first, then associate requests)
  • Requests created in the user's account in the staff client can be associated with an appointment at any time (bypass MinDate in client, also allow for back-dating)

Reschedule appointment

Cancel appointment

  • Cancel appointment button
    • choose reason for appointment cancellation?
  • If appointment is cancelled, cancel all associated requests
  • Send email to


  • Until MinDate for appointment, user can continue to make requests for this appointment
  • Once MinDate has passed, appointment is "locked" but request can be rescheduled or canceled 


  • Aeon sites will need to determine whether or not they wish to use the appointment scheduling features and set the appropriate keys and settings
  • Aeon sites will need to update their webpages to add the new appointment options
  • Aeon sites will need to prepare to provide updated scheduling instructions to patrons
  • Additional tables will likely need to be added to the database to track appointment information which may impact update procedures; self-hosted sites will need to be aware of added tables during updates

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