Aeon 5.0 Release Notes

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Important Update Information

Release Date: August 2019 


As promised on the Aeon Roadmap, here are the main features/enhancements of Aeon 5.0:

  • Staff Configurable Scheduled Date Calendar (Blackout dates)
  • LocalInfo Support per Site  
  • Updated Staff Interface with Large Font Support and Ability to Change Themes 
  • New, Fully Accessible and Responsive Web Pages   

Considerations Before You Update

Updating During Normal Working Hours

Please consider running updates and installations during standard support hours 8 am - 5 pm eastern time (business days Monday - Friday)   so that help is readily available if any issues are encountered. 

Updating from Version 4.0 

If you are updating from Aeon 4.0 or a previous version, please check out the Aeon 4.1 Release Notes and FAQ since all the password change requirements will impact you after updating to version 5.0.2. You will need to update the server and the client on each machine to 4.1 prior to updating the server and clients for Aeon 5.0. You don't need to login or change any passwords until after you've updated to 5.0.

For any questions on the Aeon 5.0.2 features & fixes, please see the Aeon 5.0 FAQ. For all other questions, please contact support at

Bug fixes and new features are added periodically as point releases:

Aeon 5.0 Features & Fixes 

Addons | AdministrativeMiscellaneous | Printing & Email | Security | Staff Client | Staff Manager | Web Interface



Addons are no longer installed by default during installation.



Updated staff interface (Client, Staff Manager, and Customization Manager) with large font support and the ability to easily change the appearance by selecting one of the eight new themes from the main drop-down menu. For more information, see Theme Selector.


Changed All knowledgebase links in the Client, Customization Manager and Staff Manager have been redirected to new support landing page
Fixed Fixed the Azure database permissions by excluding the default 'sys' view that caused the update scripts to fail when granting permissions to sites. Bug# 3407.

Printing & Email

New Added the ability for sites specific LocalInfo entries that would populate email and print templates. For more information, see The Local Info Table.



Added support for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 4.1.0 compliance.

If you're an existing site that staff users from prior to the 4.1 update and are required to be FIPS compliant, please contact for further instructions. 


The SLLoginFailed status line Customization Key has been added to appear if a user attempts to login with an invalid username and password. The default verbiage is set to say "Login failed. Please check your username and password before trying again.".

The Customization Keys SLUsernameNotInDatabase and SLPasswordIncorrect have been removed and replaced with the new SLPasswordIncorrect key.  

Staff Client

New The CloneScheduledDateInClient customization key has been added to the Customization Manager under System | General to determine if the scheduled date is copied over when cloning transaction in the staff client. Default value is set to "No". 
Fixed Enabled Group By Option on user search form (FormUserList). Bug# 3416.

Staff Manager 


When a Field Customization is removed in the Staff Manager, the Activity Requests Grid will reflect the changes (e.g., removed custom column names). Bug# 3638.

Web Interface 

New New fully accessible and responsive web pages that adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA compliance. The new web pages are not installed automatically to prevent overwriting any customizations your institution may have created. The complete set of webpages are available for download on the Aeon Downloads page. For more information, see Aeon 5.0 Fully Accessible and Responsive Webpages.
New Added cookie notification in accordance with the EU cookie law to provide a link for institutional privacy policies. See the FAQ for instructions on setting up the link.

Added support for a more configurable schedule date calendar with a new "Scheduled Closures" database table in the Customization Manager under Web Interface | Schedule Date | Scheduled Closures and 3 new blackout date customization keys:

  • ScheduledDateMinimumDays- Determines the minimum enabled date for the Scheduled Date calendar on web request forms in the terms of days. For example, if staff requires 48 hours to process a request the minimum should be set to 2. Default value 0.
  • ScheduledDateMaximumDays- Determines the maximum enabled date for the Scheduled Date calendar on web request forms in the terms of days. For example, if staff doesn't want patrons requesting items 6 months in advance, the maximum should be set to 180. Default value 0.
  • ScheduledDateDefaultSchedule- Determines the weekdays that should be enabled as operating days for the Scheduled Date calendar on web request forms. Default values Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

For more information on how to utilize the new Customization Keys and the Schedule Closures database table to schedule blackout dates, see Blackout Date Calendar for Aeon Requests.

For more complex reoccurring closures, you'll need to modify the scheduled-closures.js. To support this change an AJAX endpoint was created to receive a JSON file containing all active scheduled closures. For more information, see Blackout Date Calendar Configuration for Aeon Request.


Improved ability to customize web alerts. For more information, see Performing an AJAX Request to View Web Alerts.


Fixed an issue where the "Download XLS" button would show the error message "Error processing method" after failed attempt to download the Activities from the Aeon 5.0 Web Pages. Bug# 4566

Aeon 5.0 Point Releases

19 Aug 2019 (5.0.2) Client Release


Fixed issue where the System Information tags (e.g., the site field value) from the LocalInfo table was not being pre-populated into email templates.

20 Jan 2020 Aeon Default Web Pages Update

A revised set of default web pages are now available for download in the Aeon Downloads article with the following change incorporated:

Changed Removed the Main.css page since the file is no longer used and moved the EAD CSS rules to the Aeon.css page.
Changed Added a blank Custom.css page to the default web pages for site-specific custom CSS changes.
Changed Updated the EditEADRequest.html page to have the same style as the rest of the default web pages.
Changed Removed the RSS feature from the ViewNotfication.html page due to the notification option no longer being supported in web browsers. 
Changed Removed one of the duplicate include_footers in the default FAQ.html page.
Fixed Fixed the Status drop-down on the NewUserRegistrationForm.html and ChangeUserInformation.html to populate with information. Bug# 4804
Fixed Fixed the checkbox functionality for sharing research topics with the NewUserRegistration.html, ChangeUserInformation.html, and NewAuthRegistration.html pages. Bug# 4551
Fixed Fixed a typo in the NewUsersRegistration.html page. Bug# 4542
Fixed Removed the extra space in the ChangeUser.html that was causing the alternative address information section to ignore the settings in the Customization Manager. Bug# 4549
Fixed Fixed an issue where the NewAuthRegistration page would not fully render because of a tag error. Bug# 4861
Fixed Fixed an issue where the PayPal CreditCardPayment.html page would not properly submit payments. Bug# 4600
Fixed Fixed an issue where the Aeon WebAlerts may contain HTML tags in both the title and the body of the message. Bug# 4540

28 February 2020 (5.0.3) Client Release

The 5.0.3 Client Release requires Admin Privileges for the patch install as a result of the new signing certificate. After downloading the installer, please right-click and run as administator.
Fixed Fixed a bug that would prevent custom layout changes in the Activities grid from saving/loading after the Client has been restarted. Bug# 4499
Fixed Fixed an importing issue that would prompt a validation error if the Format, ServiceLevel, and/or ShippingOption fields were blank when importing a request from a spreadsheet. Aeon will now import those fields as NULL if they are left blank. Bug# 4369
Fixed Fixed an issue where date values would be export as a plain text string instead of the date format when exporting transactions from the grid to Excel. Bug# 4432
Fixed Fixed an issue where the "Modified By" field was being set to the username of the Staff User whose password was changed instead of the username of the logged-in user who reset the password. Bug# 4258
Fixed Fixed an issue that would prompt an error message when Staff attempted to clone a request by clicking the arrow icon next to the 'Clone Request to Another User' button in the Client. In conjunction with this fix, the 'Clone and Finish' button will only be available when applicable. Bug# 4541 & 4022
Fixed Fixed a searching issue in the Aeon Client's Activity form that wouldn't account for compound search terms when matching first and last names in a username search. For example, a search for 'Von Neumann' would return results if Von was in the FirstName and Neumann was in the LastName but a search for 'Von Neumann' would not match if Von and Neumann were both in the LastName.  
The search algorithm has been fixed to correctly return matching users for compound searches provided all search terms were included in the user's FirstName or LastName. Bug# 3959

14 April 2020 Default Web Page Release

To implement these changes, you can either:

Changed Removed unnecessary redundancy of the target="_self" tag. The targets will still open within the same window as usual.
Changed Removed the old search feature from the EditEADRequest.html page and replaced it with the new search feature included in the include_header.html page. 
Changed The ID's for the Password and Re-enter Password divs have been updated to Password1 and Password2.
Changed  The EADRequest.html page input elements have been updated to use "FormDataField" and matching IDs.
Changed  The double quotations for the alternate address section have been changed to single quotes in NewAuthRegistration.   
Changed The WebAlert functionality has been updated to display alerts for logged out users as well as authenticated users. Non-authenticated pages have been updated with the WebAlerts div and linked to the webAlerts.js to properly display.
Changed  "Remove from Hold" has been updated to appear as an option for transactions currently in a status of "Item on Hold" or "Item on Hold for Activity".

Fixed a bug which prevented the Remove from Hold button from appearing. 



Added closing tags to all elements on the include_nav.html and GenericRequestSerial.html.

02 June 2020 (1.3) Atlas Auth Portal Release

This release includes changes to the Atlas Auth Portal in an effort to close a potential redirect vulnerability that will require some modifications to the index.cshtml and web.config files. The Atlas Auth portal installer can be obtained from the Aeon Downloads. For step-by-step instructions on implementing the 1.3 release, see Atlas Auth Portal 1.3 Release Configuration.

Changed  The redirectUrl parameter has been replaced with the authType parameter. The accepted authType values are AtlasAuth and RemoteAuth. For details, see the Using an Authentication Portal Landing article under Automatic Redirect Feature.
Changed The RedirectUrlCookieName setting has been removed and replaced with the AuthTypeCookieName which defaults to AtlasAuthType.

07 July 2020 (1.3.1) Atlas Auth Portal Release

The Atlas Auth Portal has been updated to support some additional redirect URL configurations for sites for who are not currently on version 1.3.0 of the Atlas Auth Portal. This change is backwards compatible with v1.3.0; therefore, there is no reason for sites who are currently on v1.3.0 to update the Atlas Auth Portal. They can just add the changes to the Web.Config file.

The Atlas Auth portal installer can be obtained from the Aeon Downloads


When adding a key for an AuthType in the Web.Config file, two new specifiers ({$QueryString} and {$EncodedQueryString}) are now supported to help designate where the URL query parameters will be inserted into the target URL. For instructions on adding the target URLs in the Web.Config, see Atlas Auth Portal 1.3.x Release Configuration.

08 July 2020 (5.0.2) Web DLL Release


Support added for specifying the 'delimiter' attribute used to separate TransactionNumbers by the PARAM tag. Default value: ",". Bug# 6941

For example, the following will output a semi-colon delimited list of transaction numbers:
<#PARAM name="TransactionNumbers" delimiter=";"> 

JQuery updated to v3.5.1.

12 August 2020 (5.0.3) Web DLL Release

Added support for passing transaction numbers to Touchnet. For instructions on web page changes to implement this function, see Using TouchNet Payment Provider with Aeon.


Added support for the Site Description and Queue Name fields to be used as Transaction Fields. The following queues are now associated with the<#Transaction field=""> tag:

  • SiteDescription
  • QueueName
  • QueueDisplayName
  • QueueStateCode
  • PhotoduplicationQueueName
  • PhotoduplicationQueueDisplayName
  • PhotoduplicationStateCode

Added the "CompareValue" attribute to the <#TRANSACTION> and <#DATAROW> tags. This will allow elements to display differently based on certain database value associated with the transaction.


For example, the content of a div would be hidden by making the class "d-none" if the transaction is not of type "Loan".

div class="<#TRANSACTION displayStyle='CompareValue' field='RequestType'
compareValue='Loan' disabledValue='d-none'>">This is content</div>


23 September 2020 (1.3.0) Aeon API Release


Added two new endpoints to the API:

  • GET: /api/Requests/Batch/?{parameters}
  • POST /api/Requests/Batch/Reshelved

The RequestBarcode endpoints have been replaced by the Requests/Batch endpoints and are now considered deprecated. 

Changed The API can now handle multiple concurrent requests
Fixed Fixed a bug causing requests to fail when the activeOnly parameter was set to True.
Fixed Fixed a bug that caused the Reshelved endpoints not to use a custom target queue when one is supplied. Custom queues will now be used.


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