Multiple Instructor Support per Course

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These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. To see when this functionality is planned to release, please review What's new and planned for Ares. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship.

Courses being offered at institutions that license Ares may have more than one individual designated as instructor and have other individuals assigned a disparate role of course proxy. Ares will reflect this distinction by allowing multiple users to be assigned the role of instructor for a single course.


  • Broader options for assigning instructor privileges: The current one-to-one requirement between courses and instructors has been removed, creating the ability to have courses with one, multiple, or no course instructors.
  • Expanded role mapping: The LTIMapping table will include the option to assign both CourseProxy and Instructor roles to course users. CourseProxy users will be able to create a course without assigning themselves as the instructor. 
  • Automated Displayed Instructor generation: When empty, the course record's Displayed Instructor field will be automatically generated by concatenating all course users designated as "Instructor" in the CourseUsers table, assigned in and formatted as "LastName, Firstname; LastName, FirstName..."
  • Improved reporting: The ability to assign multiple users an instructor role will clarify the difference between ProxyUsers and Instructors and provide more accurate and normalized data that better reflects institutional practices.
  • Augmented notification options for item templates: Three new tags will be available to specify the type of instructor-level user that should be included in emails generated from item records in the Ares Client. Each will insert comma-delimited email addresses for course users with roles of either course instructor, full proxy of course instructor, or course proxy.
  • Modified course record view in Staff Client: The instructor username will no longer appear on the default course record's Details tab. The Course Users tab will have a new sub-tab for Course Instructors that will replace the current Course Proxies and Full Proxies tabs. This new sub-tab will contain a master-detail grid with the current contents of the Course Proxies and Full Proxies sub-tabs, as well as a table for all course instructors. The relationship between each course instructor and the corresponding full proxies will be illustrated. The existing search will be replaced with a search option similar to the search courses option on the item form.

Matrix for Instructor-level Privileges by UserType

   Course Instructors
 Full Proxies 
 Course Proxies
Create, Clone, Edit Courses X X  
Create, Edit, Delete Items X X X
Export Course Info X X X
Add Cross-Listing X X  
View reserve item usage X X X
View upcoming, current courses X X  
Course Item Email default recipient X X X
Course Users
Assign Course Instructor   X  
Add/remove Course Proxies X X  
Add/remove Authorized Users X X X
View Course Enrollment X X  
Add Full Proxies X    
Shared Lists
Create Shared Lists X X  
Apply Shared Lists X X  
Add Shared List Items X X  
Delete Shared Lists X    
View Shared Lists X X  
Assign Shared List Owner   X  


  • Existing Course and User Load functionality will not be affected, but local IT staff may choose to adjust current logic that assigns subsequent instructor users as ProxyInstructor when more than one instructor exists per unique RegistrarCourseID in the courseusers.txt file that populates the CourseUsersValidation table.
  • The Courses database table will have its primary key updated to reflect the removal of the instructor requirement.
  • Student-visible tags generated by instructors on the web will now be named "Course Tags," instead of "Instructor Tags."
  • The length of the Course's table Instructor field in the database will be increased.
  • All grids, except the preview-search results for course validation, will generate the values displayed in the Instructor field as part of the query results.
  • Instructor item count will combine all items associated with the class, regardless of the role of the submitting user.
  • Course tags and item tags will show all tags associated with each item or course, regardless of the role of the submitting user. Instructor tags will appear and be editable by all users with instructor-level permissions, i.e. instructors, instructors' full proxies, and course proxies.
  • Database tables will be updated to remove any primary and secondary keys that require courses to be assigned to an instructor.
  • The ValidationUser user record will no longer be assigned when pre-loaded courses have no course instructor. It will no longer be automatically included in the Users table by the Ares server installer.
  • "Search by Instructor" online course searches will be changed from a drop-down to a text search. Courses with no instructors will not be returned in results. 

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