Decision Support for Request Processing

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By allowing even greater control over how the default system queues are used and giving addons greater control over when, where, and in what order they can hook into your workflows, it will be possible to use multiple addons, working together in a coordinated pipeline, to automate any stage of your ILLiad managed ILL workflows.  


  • Server Addon Execution Ordering: Specify the order in which server addons are executed by System Manager.  This will allow the coordination of multiple addons for accomplishing complex processing tasks.
  • Atlas Supported and Freely Available Automation Addons: Our hope is to provide automation addons for DOI Lookup, Reprints Desk, GetItNow, Relais D2D, RAPID, and OCLC Direct Request as part of the ILLiad 9.1 Release.

Proposed Workflow

An example workflow could be as follows:

  • A patron places a request via OpenURL.
  • Instead of going into the default queue of "Awaiting Request Processing", the request is placed into "Awaiting Request Pre-processing".
  • The first addon in the Server Addon pipeline checks to see if the request contains a DOI and, if so, uses it to import any missing metadata.
  • The second addon in the Server Addon pipeline uses the barcode in the request information to query the ILS to verify that the item isn't locally owned.
  • The third addon in the pipeline checks to see if an ISSN exists in the record and, if so, queries open-access databases for Open Access availability.
  • The fourth addon in the pipeline checks to see if the item is available via another article delivery system.
  • A final addon then looks at the results of each of the previous addons activities and then makes a decision about the best way to automatically fulfill the request, based on cost, availability, and institutional preferences.
  • If no decision can be made, the request goes into "Awaiting Request Processing" for hands-on staff processing.


  • Some system configuration and customization will be required.

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