Aeon 3.8 Post-Update Tips


Update your basic report set - The existing activity report should be replaced with the new version.  The Visitors by Time report should be added to your basic report set.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will update these reports.

Update the text of the New User Registration and Password Reset emails in the Customization Manager - Immediately upon updating, Aeon will start using the NewUserRegistration and PasswordReset emails in the Customization Manager.  You will need to customize these emails to match the customizations you made to the text file version of these emails.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will update these email templates. 

 Update the Billing Gateway configuration settings and Credit Card Payment Web Pages – To increase the security of the Aeon Billing Gateway, changes have been made to the configuration of the billing gateway.  You will need to review the entries for the new PaymentProvider and PaymentProviderTestModeEnabled keys in the Customization Manager.  In addition, you will need to update the CreditCardPayment.html web page to the new version appropriate to your billing gateway.  These new web pages can be found in the documentation.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will update your customization keys and web pages if you use a billing gateway. 

 Add Request Copy Option to the Request Details Web Pages – To allow researchers to request reproductions of an item they have already requested for the reading room, you need to add Request Copy link on the request details pages. For more information on how to add this option to the web interface, see the documentation.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will add the Request Copy link to your web pages if you use photoduplication.  There are additional optional configurations described in the documentation.

Update Request Button Text – The Clear Form button text has been changed to Reset Form.  For more information on how to add this option to the web interface, see the documentation.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will update this button text.

Update Javascript Files – There are a few javascript files that need to be updated to improve web interface functionality.  For more information on all the javascript updates, see the documentation.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will update these javascript files.

Update CSS Files – There are a few changes to the main sytlesheet that need to be made to improve the alignment of various web elements.  For more information on these updates, see the documentation.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will make these style changes.

Optional Changes 

Update the text of the new Order Cancellation email template - You are now able to send an order-specific email when canceling an Order.  You can update the new OrderCancellation email in the Customization Manager.                                                    

 Update the Scheduled Date tag in email templates – If you use the ScheduledDate tag in any of the email templates, you can now include the Scheduled Date only (without the specific time of day) by updating the tag to ScheduleDateWithoutTime.

 Add Researcher Tag feature to the web pages – If you would like to enable the new Researcher Tag feature ln the Aeon web pages, you will need to add the appropriate include files to the web request forms and details pages.  For more information on these web changes, see the documentation.  For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will add the files you will need to use this feature.  You will need to add the tag options to your web pages as described in the documentation.

 Modify field length validation – If a researcher enters a longer value into a field on a web form than the maximum allowable length for that field, she will get a validation error message.  It is possible to turn this validation off by adding the following tag <input type="hidden" name="SkipFieldLengthValidation" value="yes"> to each of the web request forms.

Add Activity Information to the Web Main Menu – If you would like to display any activity information on the Main Menu, you can now add the Activity Summary table to MainMenu.html.  Which activities will be included in the table can be set with new activity attribute options as described in the documentation.

Add Excel Spreadsheet Option to Web Summary Tables – You can add the option to download request information in an Excel spreadsheet to any web summary table. For Atlas-hosted sites, Atlas will add this export option to the All Requests summary table.  If you want to add the export option to other summary tables, refer to the documentation. 

 Update the New Item Checkout Security Prompt key – Once you update to Aeon 3.8, You will get a warning message whenever you check an item out to a user who is not signed into a reading room.  You can turn this error message off by changing the ItemCheckoutSecurityPrompt key in the Customization Manager to No.

Add Expandable/Collapsible Element Controls to Web Pages – You can make elements on the Aeon web pages expandable and collapsible.  For instance, you can the Web Alerts box on the Main Menu page or the Tracking table on the request details collapsible. 

 Add Additional Summary Tables to Web Pages – You can create customizable web summary tables that display requests in a particular status.  

 Update Web Validation – Web validation has been updated to support using the same validation rules for all request forms.  To use this new validation feature, you will need to update the entries in the Web Validation table in the Customization Manager.  

To customize the order of the tabs on any of the client record forms, you will need to customize your forms through the template layout customization mode.

A few sites have experienced issues with their Aeon catalog addon following the 3.8 update.  A change was made to the Aeon client so catalog addons use the most recent version of Internet Explorer on the staff workstation.  If you have an issue with your catalog addon following the 3.8 update, you can try the following to resolve the issue:
Open Internet Explorer on your workstation and browse to your library catalog.  This would need to be the catalog used by the Aeon addon in case you use more than one.  When you arrive at the catalog click the Options menu cog wheel in the upper-right corner of Internet Explorer and select “Compatibility View Settings.” This will open up a new window where you can click the  ‘Add’ button to add the catalog’s domain into Compatibility View. Once that is done please restart your Aeon client and test the addon again to see if it is now working properly.  If not, please notify Atlas support by phone or email and we will assist in troubleshooting.
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