Ares 4.5 Known Issues

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The following items have been reported by users and/or verified by support staff. If you have specific questions about any of these, please reference the ID when contacting support.

Atlas Systems makes every effort to ensure that all known issues are resolved before the next major release.

You can contact Atlas support at 800-567-7401 x1 or

ID Area Affected Description Corrected In
9453 Addons The addon update feature does not work with encrypted addons.  
9265 Admin Tools - Customization Manager Button States are not correct in Customization Manager for Z39.50 Tab  
9120 Cloning In the client, after creating a new item, if that item is cloned, the clone will not have the same information as the source item.  
9162 Cloning Cloning Courses in the Client will not set the Created by or the Created Via fields  
7743 Course Management Systems Courses can't be created in Blackboard with the 'Instructor Chooses Semester' option unless there is an active semester.  
8830 Course Management Systems Blackboard 9.1 SP14 is not compatible with the latest building block - sites cannot access the config page
9256 Course Management Systems In the Ares Building Block an error will be displayed if the site enables Direct Links in the configuration  
8473 Database The RunTime customization keys for many of the System Manager services are in decimal format rather than the human readable string.  

Graphical User Interface

In the client on Windows 7, when switching between Basic and Aero display when an Item form is open, a Family Feud X appears in the ribbon.  
8485 Installation Some customization key seed values are set to subdirectories of the hard-coded 'C:\Ares\'  
8486 Installation When updating a server installation, you can't return to the Choose Destination Location step after you've passed it in the wizard.  
8488 Installation Ares website can be set up incorrectly if updating from an installation in a custom directory.  
9075 Installation Ares is using multiple app pools on certain versions of Windows Server  
8946 Printing The updated PrintItem.doc for Ares 4.3 does not get installed when doing a Server Update in a standard directory  
9365 Reporting SSRS report for Courses with No Items should account for items with a NULL CourseID.  
8357 Usability (staff) In Ares Client - when a document type on an item is changed, and the item form is closed, the first grouped list is expanded automatically  
8358 Usability (staff) In Ares Client - When opening a grouped item search results query, the group that contains the first item ID will automatically expand.  
8452 Usability (staff) On the course form in the Client, the Displayed Instructors field is only filled out if Instructor Username is selected with the arrow keys.  
8894 Usability (staff) Filenames with more than one period will be routed to AwaitingFileTypeResolution when uploaded on the web dll.  
8915 Usability (staff) Items having a NULL status field causes the queues to not show up on the main form of the client  
9048 Usability (staff) Closing the Main form while there are unsaved changes on the Rightsholder Maintenance form will prompt the user to save changes twice before closing.  
9495 Usability (staff) Items with the same barcode but different document types (e.g. PDF and HardCopy) are still prompting to be in sync. They should only be in sync if they are both HardCopy items.  
6456 Web Interface TALK TO CHICAGO FIRST: HardCopy items are sometimes remaining digital items which means the link to the catalog doesn't display  
7724 Web Interface Verify that SQL Injection attacks are being prevented in all form inputs.  
8493 Web Interface Courses whose item addition date has not yet occurred and are created via course validation table in the DLL allow the instructor to add reserve items before the item addition date.  
8752 Web Interface Some default web pages have a BOM.  
8865 Web Interface After NewAuthRegistration, the switch to student mode link sends user back to NewAuthRegistration page.  
9060 Web Interface When creating a reserve item in the web, LoanPeriods drop down won't be regenerated when a new site is selected if it was initially loaded as a hidden input.  
9208 Web Interface - Default Web Pages Some Ares default web pages have typos  
9340 Web Interface - Default Web Pages The tab order on the IRFArticle.html page is out of order.  


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