Ares 4.6 Database Changes

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Several changes were made to the Ares system. Some tables were added, removed, or changed in the Ares database. Additionally, customization keys and tables were added, removed, or changed in the Ares Customization Manager.

Ares Customization Manager Changes

See Ares Customization Keys for a complete list of the keys and tables available in the Ares Customization Manager.


The following keys and fields were added in Ares 4.6:

  • System | Course and User Loads | CourseUserLoadReportEmailAddress
  • Web | RSS | RSSCourseItemsChannelDescription
  • Web | RSS | RSSCourseItemsChannelTitle
  • Web Status Lines | Items | SLItemPLinkNotFound
  • System | General | CustomQueues table - added the CanClone field
  • System | General | LoanPeriods table - added the VisibleToInstructors field


The following keys and fields were removed in Ares 4.6:

  • System | Copyright | CCCCatalogGatewayURI
  • System | Copyright | CCCCatalogGatewayURL
  • Web | Settings | UseSemesters
  • System | Scanning
  • System | Scanning | ScanningTempPath
  • System | Sites | Sites table - removed the ContactNameContactEmail, and ContactPhone fields
  • System | Copyright | CopyrightMethod - removed the Instructor option from the dropdown


  • System | General | DocumentTypes - added new entries for the .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx file extensions
  • System | General | DocumentTypes - unchecked the "Force Review" checkbox for .dat, .log, .txt, .ppt, and .pptx extensions (only for new installations)

Ares Database

See Ares Database Tables for a complete list of all the tables located in the Ares database.


The following fields and tables were added to the Ares 4.6 database:

  • Addons table - contains the ID, Name, AddonType, Active, Package, Settings, and LastUpdated fields
  • DailyTaskReports table - contains the ID, Process, RunTime, Result, and Description fields
  • Course Users table - added the AddedBy field
  • CustomQueues table - added the CanClone field
  • LoanPeriods table - added the VisibleToInstructors field
  • ZProfiles table - added the SearchCallNumber field
  • ZServerConfig table - added the SearchCallNumber field


The following fields and tables were removed from the Ares 4.6 database:

  • EmailUpdate table - contained the Username and EmailAddress fields
  • Sites table - removed the ContactNameContactEmail, and ContactPhone fields


  • Items table - the Pages field increased from nvarchar(30) to nvarchar(100)


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