Aeon 3.8 Release Notes

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Take Advantage of Aeon 3.8 with these post-update tips  

These release notes document all feature enhancements and changes included in Aeon Version 3.8, released 1 September 2015.

Bug fixes and new features are added periodically as point releases:



For questions about these changes please contact your Aeon Customer Service Agent by emailing or calling 800-567-7401 x1 or 757-467-7872.

Download the Aeon 3.8 client, web pages, and SSRS reports on Aeon 3.8 Downloads.

If you installed Aeon with version 3.1 or earlier, you may have issues with request tables displaying properly for users in the Aeon web interface. To correct this issue, verify that the SQL database compatibility level is set to SQL Server 2008 (100) or contact your support representative for assistance.


Aeon 3.8 Highlights

Improved User Management

Staff will be able to see the status of researchers more easily.

  • Staff can mark researchers as "Away" for shorter breaks
  • Users who are marked as Away can have a clock symbol on their picture
  • The default user image will be used on the dashboard for Users with no image
  • Signed-in Users will be grouped automatically on the default client layout

Web Page Changes

A number of changes were made to the default Aeon web pages. Some of these changes include:

  • Active Activities can now be displayed on the main menu
  • You can now click anywhere on a table row to open an Activity or Transaction
  • Aeon now has the ability to enforce stricter password requirements for researchers
  • Researchers can now download their request details as an Excel spreadsheet

See Web Interface below for a list of all web page changes, and see Aeon 3.8 Web Page Changes for detailed instructions on implementing these changes.

Email Templates

The NewUserRegistration and PasswordReset email templates have been moved into the Aeon Customization Manager. They can now be edited and managed like all other default Aeon email templates.


Once you have updated to Aeon 3.8, the emails for New User Registration and Password Resets will be pulled from the Aeon Customization Manager, and no longer the .txt files. If you have customized the .txt files in the past and you want to continue to used those customized emails, you will need to go into the Aeon Customization Manager after updating and move your customizations to the new templates. See Configuring Email Templates for more information.

Aeon 3.8 Features & Fixes

Aeon Client | Aeon Customization Manager | Aeon Database | Installation | User Management | Email | Printing | Billing | Reporting | Activities | Web Interface | Photoduplication | Web Platform | Addons

Aeon Client

New Staff users can now batch clone requests.
New Staff users can now manually route requests to the following queues: ReSubmitted By User, Awaiting User Review, Request Merged, Order Merged, Cancelled by User, Order Cancelled by User, Cancelled by Staff, Order Cancelled by Staff.
New When performing a custom search in the Aeon client, if a staff user changes the order of columns in the results grid those changes will be retained.
New  The contents of individual cells in grids in the Aeon client can now be copied using the Ctrl+C shortcut.
New When editing a template, Staff can now customize the order of the tabs on the User, Request and Activity forms. See Changing Tab Order for more information.
New A "Clear Columns" option is now available in the grid view. See Adding and Removing Columns for more information.
New On batch processing forms, the amount of requests that have been processed will now appear at the bottom of the screen.
New  Staff now have the ability to move to the next or previous request from the Request form. See Paging Up and Down Through Requests for more information.
New  Batch processing can now be completed with one click when list of transaction numbers are available on the clipboard. Details are explained Batch Processing page.
 Change The process to edit staff templates has changed. A new Template Edit Mode dialog box will now appear and will remain while editing a template. See Creating and Assigning Templates to Staff Users for instructions. 
Change If only one Document Type is specified in the DocumentTypeOptions customization key, when creating a new request in the Aeon client the new request's Document Type will automatically be set to that option.

Requests that display as Active Requests on the User form will now remain there until both the Transaction status and Photoduplication status are at Request Finished. Previously, requests with the Transaction status of Request Finished would not display in this list even if their Photoduplication status was not finished.


 Users without permissions to edit form templates are now able to edit and save changes to grid layouts.


Batch processing forms will now display a request's final status as the "new" status. Previously, when a routing rule was applied to the request, the batch processing form would display the pre-routing rule status.


Staff users can now perform the same batch process on the same transaction without having to clear the batch process history first.


Even if a field name had been changed in Field Customizations, the old name was displayed when performing a Custom Search.


When entries in the ItemIssue field were less than fifty characters, saving or cloning the request would limit the field to 50 characters in length. The ItemIssue field length will now remain 255 characters when saved or cloned.


When changing the DPI setting on the monitor display to settings higher than 100%, some controls in dialog windows would not display.


Saving changes with Ctrl+S no longer causes the Windows "ding" sound.


The display count for Custom flag queues will now display only the number of transactions with that flag at that site. Previously, the number reflected the total number of transactions with that flag at all sites.


Previously, if a "ReasonsForCancellation" entry contained an empty (null) default Note, the client generates an error. This has been corrected.


If an installation has one parent site but multiple child sites, the option to route transactions to another site within the client is now available. The Change Site option will appear on the routing menu of the transaction form.


Previously, if a Site was added without a description, it was not available in the Client because the description is a required field. Now if a site is added without a description, the system will add site code as the description and it will be available in the Client.


The close all tabs button on the Aeon Client quick access toolbar will now correctly close all open forms.


Typo is corrected in the mail merge error dialog. It now correctly reads, "Error Performing Mail Merge."


Notes in the Client will now scroll continuously and long notes display completely.


Typo is corrected in the mail merge error dialog. It now correctly reads, "Error Performing Mail Merge."


Opening the Reference Request form without all email fields filled in will no longer cause errors.


Case-sensitivity is no longer a factor for Aeon's internal search mechanism of queue names.


When cloning a large number of requests, leaving multiple windows open was causing cloned requests to display as blank.


In Grid views, the selected row(s) remain selected after the task is complete unless the request(s) is updated to a new status, in which case, the next row in the grid will be selected.


Aeon Web Alerts window in Manage tab now scales properly when the window is resized.


Changing the Username on the User record will now update all username fields in the database.


When changing a user's username in the Client, all user details including requests are refreshed correctly and immediately when the form is open.


Field Customizations were sometimes causing errors when a User did not have an assigned template.

Aeon Customization Manager / System Manager / Staff Manager

Changed The help links in the Aeon Staff Manager and Customization Manager will now open the Aeon documentation homepage in the local machine's default browser.
Changed The Email templates for NewUserRegistration and PasswordReset have been moved into the Customization Manager.
Changed The PrintDocumentsPath customization key will now be blank for all new Aeon installations.
Fixed  When creating a menu group in the Aeon Customization Manager, the Staff user had to hit the enter key before the Save button would be enabled.
Fixed When adding a row to the Custom Flags table in the Aeon Customization Manager, the Staff user had to click out of the Flag Name box before the Save button would be enabled.
Fixed When editing email templates in the Aeon Customization Manager, the "Researcher" context menu was incorrectly being displayed and has now been removed.
Fixed  The Aeon System Manager was not properly validating the current version of Aeon against the database settings.
Fixed When using filtering in the Queues table in the Aeon Customization Manager, the default queue names were appearing for State Mode instead of the customized queue names.

Aeon Database

New The ItemCheckoutSecurityPrompt customization key has been added to the Aeon database. This key determines whether the Staff user is prompted with a warning in the client when checking out an item to someone who is not signed in to a reading room.
Changed All variations in spelling for the word email have been updated to "email."
Changed The RemoteStorage key has been removed and will no longer be used. The WebDeliveryPath key will now be used only if it contains a value. If not, Aeon will use the default path (usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Aeon/Web/pdf).
Changed The size of the ActivityType field has been increased to 100.
Changed The BillingGateways table is no longer used and has been removed from the database.
Changed The Format, Service Level, and Shipping Option fields on the request form in the Aeon client will now be checked and validated against current Billing Defaults. If there is a mismatch in non-invoiced requests, an error note will display next to the field and the user will be required to update the value to one of the current options.
Fixed  When entering a date into a grid filter, the date was being incorrectly converted to UTC time.
Fixed The SLTransactionOwnershipError status line inaccurately read "You may only manage transactions that were created by you or your proxy." This has been updated to read "You may only manage transactions that were created by you or for you by your proxy."
Fixed The EmailSecure key customization key was not seeded by default.


New The Aeon client will now display a warning in the status bar if the version of Aeon being used is no longer supported or will soon be no longer supported. Clicking on the warning icon will display a message with more details. See Version Warning for more information.
New The <EndOfSupportDate> and <EndOfSupportWarningDays> elements have been added to the ClientUpdates.xml file (hosted by Atlas Systems). This will allow Atlas Systems to display when support for an Aeon version will end and display that information in the Aeon client. See Version Warning for more information.
New Information about customizing tables on the Aeon web pages has been added to the documentation. All possible specialized field names that can be used in each table are listed. See TABLE Tag for a list of all of these special column names.
New The PrintDocumentsPath customization key will now be blank for all new Aeon installations.
New The Aeon application pool was updated to use the .Net 4.0 framework.


User Management 

New A default user image will now be used on the Aeon dashboard for Users with no image in their account.
New Users can now be designated as 'Away'. Users can be marked as Away or Present and be sorted by their away status from the Aeon dashboard. See Marking Users as Away for more information.
New Staff now have the option of displaying Users who are Away with a clock symbol on their picture. 
New User information fields can now be added to batch process grids.
 New If a Staff user tries to change the clearance status (Blocked, Disavowed, etc.) of a User while the User is signed into a reading room, a message will now appear to ask the Staff user if they would like to continue.
New The Aeon client will now display a warning prompt if a Staff user tries to check out an Item to a User that is not signed in. This will occur for reading room requests (not for an Activity or a Photoduplication request) when checking out an Item from the request form, a request list, or through batch processing.
New The default layout on the Aeon client dashboard for signed-in Users will now display both reading room and seat by default, and will group Users by reading room. Additionally, the reading room group rows will now display a User count in parentheses.
Changed Staff will no longer be able to sign in not-cleared Users from the Request form.
Changed Colons have been removed from all field names on the default User form. This only applies when the User form is using the default client layout.
 Changed All User information fields can now be added to a Request form. See Customizing Form Layout for more details.
Fixed Changes to a user's country or secondary country are now highlighted as pending changes until saved on the Client's user form.
 Fixed Disavowing a user will now cancels their requests unless the request is in one of the following statuses: Request FinishedItem Checked OutItem Checked Out To ActivityCancelled By UserCancelled By Staff, or Request Merged.
Fixed Users with a Date of Birth earlier than 1/1/1753 experienced errors saving user information in the client. While Date of Birth entries prior to 1/1/1753 are still invalid, the client will automatically change the year to 1753, instead of giving an error message.


New Email templates for NewUserRegistration and PasswordReset have been moved into the Customization Manager and can be edited and managed like other email templates.
New Email templates now allow you to designate a From email address and a distinct Reply To email address specific to each template rather than one default From email address for all templates.
New When canceling requests from the grid view, the Edit Email option is no longer available. This also corrects an issue with the display of the Cancellation dialog.
New Email templates can now include the Schedule Date only (without the specific time of day). The new tag is <#Request.ScheduledDateWithoutTime>.
Changed Email templates for NewUserRegistration and PasswordReset have been moved into the Customization Manager.
 Changed Email messaging service updated to eliminate the potential of sending duplicate message IDs.
 Fixed Cancelling an email when disavowing a user will no longer cancel the disavow process. In other words, staff can disavow a patron without sending a cancellation notice.
Fixed  Test data was removed from the Merge User email template. This change only occurs in new installations.



New The Activity table data is now available in the Excel data source when printing using the "Print Invoice" and "Print Request" options.
New The following merge fields are now available on all print templates: StaffUsernameStaffFirstName, and StaffLastName. The Staff information that will be used will be of the Staff user performing the printing.
New Staff users can now batch re-print call slips from the Aeon client.
New The Print Digitization Request process has been updated to include data from the Bundles, Activities, and Billing Details tables. Additionally, the print template has been updated to include Billing Details on a per-request basis.
New Staff users can now print digitization requests for multiple requests from the request list.
New The new PrintSettingsPath customization key will now control the location of the QueryAddition.xml file (the file that contains the settings for sorting and filtering when printing). This was previously controlled with the PrintDocumentsPath key. This new key will allows staff to share print templates but set personal sort and filter options. 
 Fixed When printing from the Request form, print configurations were not being saved unless a Staff user separately opened the Print Configurations form and clicked Save.
Fixed The PrintDigitizationRequestDocs customization key did not support multiple values like other print keys.



New Currency values in the Client and on the web will now display in local currency units (e.g. Euros v. Dollars) as set in the Windows user settings.
New Email templates can now include the outstanding balance from an invoice.
New A new Customization Manager key allows you to skip Awaiting Order Approval and Awaiting Order Billing steps when the total for an invoice order is $0.
Changed The Format, Service Level, and Shipping Option fields on the request form in the Aeon client will now be checked and validated against current Billing Defaults. If there is a mismatch in non-invoiced requests, an error note will display next to the field and the user will be required to update the value to one of the current options.
Changed Entries to the Payment Method field on the Billing tab of the Order Processing forms are limited options configured in the Custom Dropdown menu. You can no longer type into this field.
Changed  Invoices with a zero balance will now display in the View Order Billing table for patron approval on the web. 
 Changed The Generate Invoice button will become active only after line items have been added to the Billing Estimate section.
 Changed Button command text has changed on billing web pages when using the Credit Card Gateway feature. The button on the first Order approval page (ViewOrderApproval.html) says "Pay Online." The second page to initiate payment (CreditCardPayment.html) says "Pay Now."
Changed  For security purposes, the PaymentProviderURL customization key has been removed. It has been replaced with two new keys: PaymentProvider and PaymentProviderTestModeEnabled. Find details of configuration changes here. Also, note some web page changes may be required depending on the Payment Provider that you are using.
Fixed  Invoices will print with proper totals when billing related columns are hidden on photoduplication form.
Fixed Rounding errors have been corrected on Invoice statements that use the TaxRate field to add tax to the total.



New Activities without requests are now included in the "Characteristics of All Activities" SSRS report. See SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for more information.
New The "Visitors by Time" SSRS report has been added. This report will show the average number of visitors signed into a reading room at a particular time of day over a set time period. 



New When cloning an Activity, a grid has been added to allow staff to select which notes to clone to the new activity.
Changed All users associated with an Activity can view full details for that Activity on the Aeon web pages. Additionally, they can view the requests' notes, history, and electronically delivered items. Previously, users could only view the brief record for items on a shared Activity which they did not submit.
Fixed After cloning an Activity, the new Activity would be hidden behind the original Activity. Now the new Activity form will appear on top.


Web Interface

New Researchers can now request a photoduplication of an item they have already requested. See Adding a Photoduplication Request to an Existing Request for more information. Also see Aeon 3.8 Web Page Changes for instructions on implementing this feature on your Aeon web pages.
New  The "Where" attribute has been added to tables, which allows sites to have more control over filtering the information that is displayed in tables. 
New Researchers are now able to tag their requests with personal researcher tags to allow for better organization. The include_ResearcherTags.html, include_ResearcherTagsUpdate.html, and ViewRequestsByTag.html pages were added to allow this to happen. See Researcher Tags in Aeon for more information.
 New Sites can now restrict the length of a field on the Aeon web pages. A new customization key has been added to facility this: SLInvalidFieldLength. This key is a Status Line that will appear if a patron submits a value longer than the allowed length. See Field Length Validation for more information.

Three new attributes are now available for the ViewActivities #TABLE tag:

  • active - can be set to 'true' or 'false'. Filters activities shown by whether or not they are active.
  • activityStatus - a comma-separated list of activity statuses to include
  • activityType - a comma-separated list of activity types to include
New Aeon can now require more complex password requirements for Users using Aeon authentication. See Aeon Authentication Password Requirements for more information.
New An "N/A" option has been added to the default list of States in the CustomDropDown table. 
New All dropdowns on the ChangeUserInformation.html, NewUserRegistration.html, and NewAuthRegistration.html pages now have a default "Choose a ..." message.
New A new "Organization" field was added to the NewUserRegistration.html and NewAuthRegistration.html forms. Also see Aeon 3.8 Web Page Changes for instructions on implementing this feature on your Aeon web pages.
New Expandable and collapsible elements can now be used on the Aeon web pages. 
New Researchers can now download their request details as an Excel spreadsheet. This functionality can be added to any table on the Aeon web pages. See Downloading Requests to Excel for more information. 
New The ViewRequests table type has been added. This will allow you to display a table anywhere on your web pages that will display all requests at a specific status. 
New A new Logs directory has been created under the Aeon directory on the server (C:\Program Files (x86)\Aeon\Logs by default). The log configuration files for the Aeon System Manager, Web Platform, and web pages will log to this location.
New The SpecialRequests field with explanatory text has been added to the EADRequest.html page.
New A note explaining where to add additional information about material to reproduce has been added to the include_photoduplication.html page (used by PhotoDuplicationRequest.html and EditPhotoDuplicationRequest.html).
New A new "Sites" option for the #OPTION tag has been added. This is a dropdown, now included on the default Aeon web pages, that will allow patrons to select their Site. 
Changed  Web validation has been improved. Now all default request pages will be validated against the web validation rules (found in the WebValidation table). All default request pages (with the exception of EADRequest.html) now have a hidden input. 
Changed The Validation value has been updated to .+ for the ChangeUserInformation Formname/ID Fieldname in the WebValidation table.

The following Status Line customization keys now have the following values:

  • SLLogonError: "An error occurred processing logon."
  • SLPasswordResetEmailError: "The password reset e-mail could not be sent."
  • SLViewingDetailedNotification: "Viewing detailed notification information."
  • SLPDFUndeleted: "File undeleted for transaction number <#TRANSACTIONNUMBER>
Changed Tables on the web pages (such as the Requests, Activities, and Electronically Delivered Items tables) now allow users to click anywhere on a table row to view the item.
Changed  The SLActivityAssociationError customization key (which contains the Status Line for an event association error: "You are not associated with this event") is now able to be customized.
 Changed The "Distance Ed" status from the Custom Dropdown table that displays on the registration form has been replaced with "Independent Researcher."
Changed  The header text from the FirstTimeUsers.html page has been added to the NewAuthRegistration.html page.
 Changed Many small changes were made to the main.css page to improve the alignment of various elements. 
Changed On the include_request_buttons.html page, the text on the "Clear Form" button will now read "Reset Form." 
Changed The State and Secondary State fields on the ChangeUserInformation.html, NewUserRegistration.html, and NewAuthRegistration.html pages are now dropdowns. 

The Aeon web DLL has been modified to support more attributes on the #OPTION tag. It will now support selectedValue, defaultValue, and defaultName attributes for the following option names: 

  • IDTypes
  • AltIDTypes
  • Departments
  • Statuses
  • Countries
  • States
Changed Copyright date has been updated on thelogon.html, FirstTime.html, and FAQ.html pages. 
 Changed The parameters in the #FORMSTATE tag are now URL-encoded so that characters such as line breaks are handled correctly on the web pages.
Fixed  The KeepInReview.js file has been updated to allow users to use the search box on the ViewUserReviewRequests.html page. 
 Fixed Some fields on the default Aeon web pages were displaying as required fields, but this was not being enforced because requirements were not set in the WebValidation table. 
Fixed The NewUserRegistration.html page mistakenly indicated that the username is case sensitive. This code has been removed from the default web pages. 
Fixed The POST Handler and Aeon were not correctly handling request submissions when User registration was required.
Fixed The EADRequest.js file has been updated, and will now scroll to the top of the EAD page when there is an error with validation or request limits. 
Fixed Fixed an issue that allowed users to enter invalid birthdates when registering on the web. All values in date fields will now be validated to ensure they are actual dates and fall within a valid date range.
Fixed The files size for delivered items over 2 GB will now display the size correctly in the Delivered Items page.
Fixed Password reset web sessions were not being deleted after a password was reset.
Fixed The following Status Line values in the Aeon Customization Manager did not contain descriptions: SLDisavowed, SLInvalidResetID, SLInvalidRSSID, SLSessionInvalid, SLSessionTimout, SLShowCancelledDetail, SLShowCheckedOutDetail, SLShowDetail, SLShowHistoryDetail, SLShowNotifications, SLShowOutstandingDetail, and SLShowSearchResults.
Fixed The User's Date of Birth field was not being loaded correctly and was not displaying on the ChangeUserInformation.html page.
Fixed In situations where a User went to a webpage but their session had expired, any checked values would fall back to their default value.
Fixed When Users with a username that contained an apostrophe tried to submit a request on the Aeon web pages, the Researcher field would be incorrectly set.
Fixed Some values in the OpenURLMapping table mistakenly referred to the GenericRequestArchive.html page instead of the newer name of GenericRequestManuscript.html.
Fixed All dropdowns on the ChangeUserInformation.html, NewUserRegistration.html, and NewAuthRegistration.html pages will now use the selectedValue attribute, which means that dropdown values will no longer be lost if there is a validation error.
Fixed In situations where the Document Type on a request was blank, the DLL was replacing the #INCLUDE tag with a #TABLE name=DetailedInformation which sites were not able to edit. This has been changed, and will now fall back onto the ViewDetailedDefaultInformation.html pages if there is no Document Type specified.
Fixed Photoduplication queues are now included in Request Limits when the Include in Request Limits option is set on a photoduplication queue record in the Queues table in the Customization Manager.


New You are now able to send an email when canceling a Photoduplication order from the request form's Process tab. This email template is called "OrderCancellation" and is accessible in the Aeon Customization Manager. This email is distinct from the ItemCancellation email template. See Processing Photoduplication Requests for more information.
Changed Aeon will now allow a photoduplication request associated with an Activity to be submitted and go to the correct queue without a routing rule. Previously these requests would go to Awaiting Request Processing, but will now go to Awaiting Activity Processing.
Fixed When placing external ILLiad photoduplication requests on hold, a premature and incorrect response was being sent to ILLiad.


Web Platform 

New Files can now be uploaded for Item delivery from the Request form in the Aeon client. See Configuring the Aeon Web Platform for more information. 
Fixed The Aeon Web Platform was unable to create a log files because of permissions restrictions.



New Additional documentation about form elements and basic events have been made available for addon developers. See Aeon Addons for more information.
Changed Addons will now use the version of Internet Explorer that is installed on the local workstation.
Fixed When an addon tag (such as <#Addon.Username>) was used in an email template, email sending would fail.


1 October 2015 DLL ( Release

This release includes a DLL update. You can update to Aeon from Aeon or directly from Aeon 3.7.



Request submissions were failing in the web for multi-site configurations.

This bug only affects sites that have multiple sites configured. Single-site locations should not be affected.


1 November 2015 Client ( Release

The following Aeon components have been updated:

  • The Aeon client version is now
  • The Aeon Customization Manager, Aeon Staff Manager, and Aeon DLL versions are now
  • The Aeon System Manager version is now

Sites updating from Aeon will need admin privileges in order to update successfully.

Fixed Custom templates in Aeon 3.7 that included the State and Secondary State fields were not displaying these fields after updating to Aeon 3.8.
Fixed Sending a New Email (an email without a template) from the Aeon client was failing because the From Email field was not being populated.
Fixed Billing tags in email templates (such as <#Billing.InvoiceTotal> or <#Billing.Payments>) were not being processed.


25 May 2016 Client ( and Server ( Release

 This point release includes both a server and a client update.

Changed Large files were delivered via HTTP upload. Now, a file service runs in System Manager and allows the Client to upload files large files. Upload progress shows and the user can cancel the upload if desired. Make sure that the FileServicePort is open to use this feature. 
Changed The System Manager no longer pulls down the latest Client release from Atlas when it is incompatible with that server release.


17 June 2016 DLL ( Release

This release is for sites that use PayPal for their payment processing.

New Aeon will now work under the new PayPal HTTPS requirements


26 July 2016 DLL ( Release

Fixed The new auth registration page no longer causes the Aeon application pool to crash when the FORMSTATE parameter is present.



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