Aeon 4.0 Release Notes


Aeon 4.0 Highlights 

Staff can choose to remove users from Aeon along with their requests, based off of custom criteria. If you would like to keep the requests for statistical purposes, you can “anonymize” the user record so that it can’t be traced to that person. This option requires a server addon to configure the criteria for anonymizing or deleting users.

Staff can create a series of requests at once in the client by uploading the citation information from an Excel file. This is particularly useful for users that may represent a special project (like cataloging new manuscripts) or who provided their requests in a bulk format. The Excel file can have as many or few fields as necessary. The client will review the file and give an error if any fields can’t be imported.

Within the staff client, you can view the flags that are on any request from the grid without having to open the request. If there is only a single flag, it displays in the grid. Multiple flags are noted as such and show if you hover over that line. Note that sorting will sort by the flag id number and not the text. Filtering is a better option for seeing only certain requests.

Sites can create user status specific include files (like the menu option) in the web. This means that certain user statuses could have access to request forms that others don't. Also, users who are not yet cleared can be sent to a custom landing page upon logging in. This allows users to register but not place requests until cleared by staff.

User records can have one or more files attached to them. The file format is not limited, so it could be an image, scanned file, Word document, etc. There is a history of when the files were added and removed and by whom. These items are not visible to the researcher and only accessible through the staff client.


Additional Aeon 4.0 Features & Fixes

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Administrative Tools

New User Anonymization & Deletion Functionality added

Remove EAD contents from log statements. Previously, when the aeon.dll processed finding aid requests, it downloaded the finding aid (EAD) and logs the file contents in their entirety at the debug level. Since EADs can be very large, this would often cause the log files to fill up and roll over very quickly if debug logging is enabled.

Aeon Client

New Create multiple requests in the Client from an Excel file
Changed A "Transaction Flags" column has been added to request list forms that display when performing request searches, custom request searches, activity request lists, user request lists, and opening queues & flags from the main menu.
Changed New support for the Chrome web browser in the add-on system requires .NET 4.6.2 Framework or higher full version.
Changed User attachments are available in the staff client only. Store signed agreements of reading room policies or a copy of provided identification.
Fixed Bundle names and descriptions can now be edited after they are created.
Fixed The "Manage Windows" button in the Quick Access Toolbar has been renamed to "Manage Tabs".
Fixed Corrected issue with field customizations not hiding duplicate field names
Fixed Corrected Billing Category dropdown anchoring on the User form.
Fixed Client no longer ignoring confirm exit dialog response when activity forms open
Fixed Searching for user details in the 'Proxies' tab of the Client user form no longer causes an error if the search terms include an apostrophe.
Fixed Change from AutoSize to StretchImage in the picture box for the "Aeon" text
Fixed Corrected field customizations for some grids

Aeon Customization Manager

New Customization manager has a new look and feel. It will now show separate forms when editing different components. Tabs previously showed at the top of the ribbon. Now each is a separate form that displays under the ribbon. The ribbon will change when a different form is selected to show relevant actions available for the displayed form.

Aeon Server

Changed New support for the Chromium browser in the add-on system requires .NET 4.6.2 Framework or higher full version.

Custom Search


Added additional tables to the User Custom Search form 

Fixed Dropdown menus in the custom search query builders now include all possible options.


Changed A new Addons table has been added to the database. It will contain the server addons. During the update for existing sites, a conversion utility will be run that will change the ServerAddons and migrate them to this new database structure.
Changed  Added support for TLS1.2 for Aeon database connections

Increased the maximum field length of the following fields to 255 characters:

Transactions (EADNumber, Format, ServiceLevel, ShippingOption) BillingDefaults (BillingContext, BillingType) BillingDetails (BillingContext, BillingType) ServicePackageLinks (BillingContext, BillingType)

Fixed  Username in history and tracking now says “Researcher” instead of the username.


Fixed Server Installer no longer installs client applications on the server. Previous version of the client applications will be uninstalled from the server. Client applications can be installed on the server using the Client Installer.
Fixed Aeon 4.0 requires .NET 4.6.2 framework which will be installed if not already present

Payment Providers

New New Authorize.Net payment workflow support. See Using Authorize.Net Accept Hosted with Aeon for additional information.
New  Added support for Payment Gateway TouchNet. See Using TouchNet Payment Provider with Aeon for additional information.
Fixed Corrected PayPal double payments issue
Fixed  Corrected typo in Paypal IPN Response Debug statement
Fixed  Payments with no longer fail if details contain certain characters


Fixed Added delay for automatic printing to close Microsoft Word

Staff Manager

Fixed Fixed version checking in Staff Manager



Fixed Aeon v4.0 server updater now allows updating of Azure SQL databases.


Web Interface

New Custom landing page for uncleared users.


A new column, SiteDescription, is available in web page grids. This allows the more descriptive Sites.Description value to be displayed in web page grids in place of the Transactions.Site value.

Fixed Corrected issue with EAD requests for photoduplication not displaying the View Order Estimates page.
Fixed Removed unnecessary div from include_header_request.html
Fixed DLL now handles all invalid Action/Form values
Fixed Corrected typos in the default FAQ.html page
Fixed Aeon.dll will now check a user's request limit when they edit and submit for retrieval a request that's in user review.
Fixed Aeon.dll will now check a user's request limit when they approve an order estimate.
Fixed Aeon.dll now correctly sets more than one cookie at a time.
Fixed If the LDAP server times out when logging in, the web DLL no longer reports that the username is not in the database.
Fixed Logging in to the web will no longer fail if the password contains certain characters, such as a plus sign.
Fixed The EditEADRequest.html form now works with web validation in the default web pages.
Fixed The billing account associated with a request is now set when creating or editing a request in the web.
Fixed Removed tab order for all default web pages.
Fixed Added password requirement information to NewUserRegistration default page.
Fixed Billing options that contain a double quote character no longer cause the billing option dropdown to be empty in the web.
Fixed Aeon cannot retrieve finding aids with the HTTPS protocol. (also in 3.9.4 DLL)
Fixed The 'Request For' dropdown may exclude activities or users when cloning requests in the web. (also in 3.9.4 DLL)
Fixed If the collective cookie size is more than 4096 characters, Aeon is unable to read cookies including the AeonSessionID (also in 3.9.4 DLL)
Fixed We should be setting the HttpOnly flag on cookies (also in 3.9.4 DLL)
Fixed The web DLL does not properly handle more than 48K of POST data. (also in 3.9.4 DLL)
Fixed Requests can be created in the web without web validation being applied. (also in 3.9.4 DLL)


Web Platform

Fixed The Aeon WebPlatform now targets a runtime.NET framework


12 Feb 2018 (4.0.1) Client Release

If you are currently using the Aeon client and want to update to the 4.0.2 client (4.0.2 replaced 4.0.1), you should run the AeonClientUpdate_ 4.0.2.msp patch file manually on each client machine that needs updating (no Admin rights required). 

If you are on Aeon Client 3.9 and want to update to Aeon Client 4.0.2 (4.0.2 replaced 4.0.1), please use the 4.0.2 AeonClientSetup.exe.  If you need assistance determining which file you should use, please contact Atlas Systems Support.

Fixed  Added a minimum form size to the Activity, Main, UserInfo, and Request forms for the Aeon Client.
Fixed The 'Logon to Web' button in the Aeon client is now disabled for disavowed users.
Fixed Fixed an issue where cancelling an item would not process if the cancel note was too long. Cancellations in the client made after the update will no longer store the cancellation note in the history entry. Note that existing history entries are not modified during update. The cancel note is exported for printing & emails, and is available in the Request lists/custom searches.
Fixed Added functionality to convert UTC to the correct local date/time when exporting from a grid.

Client addons can now successfully route a request to a queue that has a menu group.

Fixed Fixed the auto-update feature in the Aeon Client


05 Mar 2018 (4.0.2) Client Release

If you are currently using the Aeon client and want to update to the 4.0.2 client, you should run the AeonClientUpdate_ 4.0.2.msp patch file manually on each client machine that needs updating (no Admin rights required). 

If you are on Aeon Client 3.9 and want to update to Aeon Client 4.0.2, please use the 4.0.2 AeonClientSetup.exe.  If you need assistance determining which file you should use, please contact Atlas Systems Support.

Fixed Restored client grid export feature.


26 Nov 2018 (4.0.1) Server Release

Fixed password hint functionality.




Fixed two bugs that could potentially (under rare circumstances) allow users to see email notifications that did not belong to them.



Added the ability to use request limit tags ( <#REQUESTLIMIT> , <#ACTIVEREQUESTS>) for the SLSubmitExternalRequests stats line.



The mapped isPhotoDuplicationRequests now initializes when external requests are sent from ILLiad to Aeon by setting the photoduplication status to Awaiting Order Submittal and The Date of the Transaction instead of leaving both fields blank.



Changed web template tag handling to prevent the use of tag replacements for cross-site scripting (XSS).



Fixed password hint functionality.

26 Nov 2018 (4.0.4) Client Release

There was a deployment error with the 4.0.3 client version. The error occurred when the client prompted to update and the user selected 'Yes' to proceed. That issue has been resolved and the client has been versioned 4.0.4. The 4.0.4 release covers all of the same fixes that were present in 4.0.3. The only difference between the two is the version number.

*This 4.0.4 client update can be completed prior to the 4.0.1 server update.




When requests are made from an Excel spreadsheet through the file import, blank requests are no longer utilized to format excel fields.




Fixed an issue where Activity Requests couldn't be created from a file when more than one User is assigned to an activity.



Files uploaded through the New Requests from the File option, now assume the timezone in the import file as the Scheduled date rather than uploading at GMT then converting to the local timezone.




The error message that appears when Uploading Requests from File has been modified to notify customers if the title field has exceeded the max limit of 255 characters.




When creating a transaction, any field that exceeds the maximum length for that field will display an error message explaining which filed type has exceeded the maximum and by how much. For example, this message will appear if the ItemTitle exceeds 255 characters or the DocumentType exceeds 50 characters.



Fixed an issue preventing password hints to appear for users when the WebUsePasswordHint customization key was enabled and a user had entered a password hint. 
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