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To add an Archival Object to a resource record in ArchivesSpace, navigate to the resource record and enter edit mode. The menu to add archival objects or components to your resource record is only available from edit mode. Select the component you would like to add an archival object to.

If you select the top-level component Add Child will be the only option, but when there are child components you may also choose to add a sibling.

In the new archival object form, you must choose the level of description for this archival object.

You can enter a title or add a date with an expression including the begin and end dates for the archival object. Depending on the level of description you have selected different or additional fields may be required. Once you have filled out the basic information, and either the title or date fields, you can save your archival object. Once saved, the new archival object it will appear under the main component level with the information about the level of description selected. To add additional series level items, add another sibling or, if you would like to add a subseries or individual items to the series, add a child. You can cut and paste archival objects, move them up and down, transfer archival objects to different resources, or use the rapid data entry module to quickly enter information about your collection.

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