Export PDF Finding Aids


Resource Records can be exported as finding aids in ArchivesSpace. The finding aids will be PDF files.

  1. Click on the Create drop-down menu
  2. Select Background Jobs
    • Your user account will need to have permission to create background jobs
  3. Select Print to PDF from the Job Type drop-down menu
  4. In the Resource to Print field, either start typing in the resource record title, or use the down arrow and click on Browse to find the title. You can only print one finding aid at a time 
    • If you choose the Browse option, on the next screen, select the desired resource (you can only choose one) and then click on the Link to Resources button; otherwise, proceed to step
  5. On the next screen, click on the Queue Job button
  6. The screens will change as ArchivesSpace queues and then runs the job. Eventually, you will be prompted to click on the Refresh Page button                                                               
  7. Click on the Download PDF link in the Files section
    • If the Download PDF link is not available or does not respond, try the action in a different internet browser. For example, there have been some issues with a pop-up blocker in Chrome that blocked the PDF download
  8. Open the finding aid using Adobe                                                                                        




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