Editing Permission Groups

Having access to an ArchivesSpace account with System Administrator privileges is necessary for replicating these steps.

Click Select Repository to choose the repository that you would like to work from.

Click the gear next to the repository name and choose Manage Groups.

A page with a list of the groups will display. Click Edit located to the right of the name of the group you would like to make changes to.

Any kind of group can have its permissions edited-those that came with the software, and those that have been created for the specific ArchivesSpace instance.

The following things can be changed:

  • The group description.
  • The number of members assigned to this group (they can be added or removed).
  • The permissions that members of this group have access to.

The only thing that cannot be changed is the name of the permissions group (group code field during creation). The group would need to be deleted and created again to have a new name.

Click the Save Group button to finalize changes and be returned to the Users page.




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