Agent Links


Agent Links associate agents as a creator, source, or subject of the materials described to provide information about their context.

Link a New Agent to an Accession Record

A single Agent can have multiple roles in an Accession. If so, a form should be filled out for each individual role.
  1. Create a new Accession record or open an existing Accesssion record for editing.
  2. From the left menu, click Agent Links to move to the Agent Link section.
  3. Click Add Agent Link to the right of the Agent Links section.
  4. A new entry will open beneath any already completed Agent Links.

  5. The first field, which is required, is Role. It is an indication of what function the Agent has in regards to its link to a certain description record. The drop-down menu options are:

    • Creator - This causes the extra optional field of Title to display, which is a name-title heading

    • Source

    • Subject

  6. The second field, which is optional, is Relator. It is used to further define the role of the Agent. The drop-down menu is quite extensive, but some examples of options are:

    • Adaptor

    • Blurb Writer

    • Client

    • Donor

    • Editor

    • Former Owner

  7. The final field, which is required, is Agent. There are two ways to select an Agent:

    1. Begin typing the Agent name in the Agent box, and click on the name.

    2. Click the down arrow next to the box and select Browse.

      1. A new window opens allowing a text search or category browsing.

      2. Click the button to the right of the Agent(s) to be added.

      3. Click Link to Agents and it will be added to the Agent Link record.

  8. Save the record with the Save Accession button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Create a New Agent Record

If the desired Agent does not yet exist in the Agent list

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Agent box.

  2. Select Create.

    1. Choose Person, Family, Corporate Entity or Software.

    2. The Agent record will open.

    3. Fill out the record, which is discussed in (Accession Records - Creating Agent Records).

Add or Remove Agent Links to an Accession Record

Add more date entries with the plus sign at the bottom of each section or the Add Date button in the upper right of the section.

Remove a date entry with the in the upper right of the section.





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