Navigating an Accession Record


To view Accession Records:

  1. Click Select Repository and choose the repository to be viewed.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Select Accessions from the drop-down menu.

The Accessions page will open, defaulting to show all of the Accession Records in the viewing repository.

 On the left side of the screen is:

  • A search box for text filtering.
  • Pre-selected filters, with several links in each narrowing down results.
    • Subject
    • Accession Date
    • Creator

On the right side of the screen is:

  • A list of the records, with page number links for navigation. From left to right, the records include:
    • The Title
    • Entry information
      • who created the record
      • when the record was created
      • when the record was last modified
    • View and Edit buttons
    • Sort filters for the current view
      • Title
      • Created
      • Modified

The final three options are only available to users in higher level permission groups in the out-of-the-box version of ArchivesSpace. This can be changed if needed.

  • Edit Default Values - available only to the Managers group.
  • Create Accession - available to the Basic Data, Advanced Data, Archivist, Project Manager, and Manager groups.
  • Delete - available to Project Manager and Managers groups.
    • To delete, check the box(es) of the appropriate record(s), then click Delete.

To look at a specific Accession Record, click View to the right of the record to be viewed.

The record will open. From the top left to right, the record contains :

  • A  menu of quick links for easy navigation to the various parts of the record.
  • An Edit button (yellow), for every group except viewers.
  • A View Published button, which allows users to view a record as it looks on the public interface if applicable.
  • An Add Event drop-down menu for adding an activity that might have happened to the record.

    This drop-down can be built and customized by each institution.

  • A Spawn button, which allows users to add a copy of the record to another Accession or Resource record.
  • A Suppress button, which can hide records from the public and potentially some ArchivesSpace staff, depending on their group permissions.
  • A Delete button.

Further details about Accession Records will be available in the future documentation.


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