Staff Interface Tour


The System Administrator controls some of the functionality listed below, so not all staff will have access to the areas described.

Select Repository

Located at the top of the staff interface, in the right corner, the Select Repository option allows the user to choose which repository they will be using.


To the immediate right of Select Repository is the System drop-down menu. This gives the user options for management of their institution's ArchiveSpace instance as a whole, such as:

  • Manage Repository
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Controlled Value Lists
  • System Information
  • ArchivesSpace Help Center

User Preferences

To the immediate right of the System drop-down menu is the User Preferences menu. It will show the user currently logged, and the drop-down menu will give preference options such as:

  • My Global Preferences
  • My Repository Preferences
  • Become User
  • Logout

Home Icon

Located right beneath the ArchivesSpace icon on the left of the page, the Home Icon is always present and will take the user back to this space no matter what page they are on in ArchivesSpace.


Located next to the Home Icon, the Browse drop-down menu allows users to quickly navigate to the following types of records in the chosen repository:

  • Accessions
  • Resources
  • Digital Objects
  • Subjects
  • Agents
  • Locations
  • Events
  • Collection Management
  • Classifications


To the right of the Browse dropdown menu is the Create dropdown menu. This menu allows users to create archival objects such as:

  • Accession
  • Resource
  • Digital Object

Other records may also be created via this dropdown, such as:

  • Subject
  • Agent
  • Location
  • Event
  • Classification 

Background Jobs

At the very bottom of the Create drop-down is the option to run Background Jobs. These jobs include:

  • Batch Find and Replace
  • Import Data
  • Print to PDF


Located to the right of the Create drop-down, the basic Search box allows the user to type in a term and search for it in the selected Repository by clicking on the magnifying glass or tapping Enter on the keyboard.

The down arrow to the right of the magnifying glass allows the user to perform an advanced search using:

  • AND, OR and NOT Boolean terms
  • Date limiters
  • Creator, Keyword, Notes, Subject, and Title text terms
  • Published or Suppressed True/False statement 





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