Container Profiles: Overview


Container Profiles provide physical dimensions for types of Top Containers. If the Top Container is a box, there will be a linked Container Profile that describes the type of box and the dimensions of the box.

To use the ArchivesSpace Space Calculator you must use Container Profiles along with Top Containers, Locations, and Location Profiles.

In order to create, update or delete Container Profile records, the user must have permission to work with Container Profiles.

To set permissions, go into user permissions and place a check mark in the boxes next to the permissions you wish to grant.

There are several ways to manage Container Profiles.  One way is through the System menu.

Click on System, then Manage Container Profiles.  From here you can manage all existing Container Profiles as well as create new ones.

You can also get to Container Profiles when working within a material record such as an Accession or Resource Record. From within either, click the Instances sub-record quick link.

From this sub-record, you can access the Top Container. Click edit to browse, create, and link Container Profiles to specific Top Containers.

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