Transferring a Repository


Transferring a repository to another means we are transferring all of the records that belong to one repository to another repository. This type of action cannot be reversed, so you want to be very sure when you start this process. Keep in mind that you can transfer individual records from one repository to another on the record level. You can also do individual transfers with accessions and resource records.

To transfer a repository, log into ArchivesSpace with an account that has system administrative privileges.

Select the repository that has the materials that you want to transfer from. Click on Select Repository in the top bar.

Choose the repository name from the dropdown list.

Then click on Select Repository.

In this example, we chose Atlas Systems Special Collections as the repository we wanted to move records from.

 You receive a message that verifies that repository is now active.

Now click the gearwheel to reveal the dropdown menu and select Transfer Repository.

Then select the repository to move the materials to.

In this example, the destination repository DWSCA was selected. This means that materials from the Atlas Repository will be moved TO the DWSCA repository.

If you decide you do not want to move the materials and have not already clicked the Transfer button, click on the word Cancel in the lower right corner.

 Click the Transfer button.

After clicking the Transfer button, a second window pops up reminding you that this process cannot be reversed.  This is the last opportunity to cancel the transfer.  If you are certain that you want to proceed with the transfer, click the Transfer button. 

After the transfer occurs, you are taken back to the Repositories list page. The note at the top of the screen says the transfer was successful but it may take a few minutes for re-indexing to complete.


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