Resetting a Staff User's Password

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Manually Resetting a Staff User's Password

You can reset a staff user's password from within the Aeon Staff Manager or from the Aeon client.

  1. Select the user whose password you wish to edit in the User Grid.
  2. Click Reset Password on the Home ribbon. The Change Password confirmation form appears. SecurityKeys2.png
  3. Enter and re-enter the new password in the form.
  4. Click OK to save the new password. 


Resetting a Staff Account After Exceeding Failed Login Attempts

As of Aeon 4.1, the Account is Locked checkbox has been added to the Staff Manager allowing for an Administrator to unlock a staff account that has been locked by exceeding the default number of failed login attempts set in the StaffLocginAttemptsBeforeLock customization key. The checkbox is located at the bottom of the user permissions panel.


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