ILLiad 8.6 Release Notes


Released 26 May 2015

Support for ILLiad 8.4 ends 1 July 2015

Support for ILLiad 8.5 ends 1 September 2016

Support for ILLiad 8.6 ends 28 February 2019

End of support for ILLiad 8.7 estimated for 31 December 2019

Important Update Information

See Implementing the New Features in ILLiad 8.6 for more details about these features.

  • All email sent, as well as other ILLiad functions, will now use the ILLiad Web Platform. If this is not already configured, you will need to configure it.
  • All email templates will now be stored in the ILLiad Customization Manager. You have the option of moving your customized templates to the Customization Manager before updating to ILLiad 8.6.
  • ILLiad 8.6 now uses the .NET 4.5.1 (or higher) framework for both the ILLiad server and the ILLiad client. Your ILLiad server and all desktops that run the ILLiad client will need to update to .NET 4.5.1 framework or higher. Your server and client machines may need to be restarted after installation to apply the changes.
  • Windows XP and older are no longer supported with ILLiad.


ILLiad Highlights

The following new features and enhancements have been added to ILLiad version 8.6.

Text (SMS) Notifications

Notifications can now be sent to patrons with a text message. See Text Notifications for instructions and more information.

  • Users' Notification Method will be changed from E-mail to Electronic.
  • Staff and/or patrons can specify which notifications to send as Email and which to send as SMS.
  • The Mobile Phone field has been added to the User record and will be used for SMS notifications.
  • Text message templates can be created and edited in the ILLiad Customization Manager.

To use this feature, you must have a server addon installed that handle the delivery of SMS notifications. You can create your own server addon or use the Twilio addon created by Atlas. In order to use the Twilio Notification addon, you must have a subscription with Twilio (

Emails Moved to Database

All email templates are now located in the ILLiad database and are accessible from the ILLiad Customization Manager.

  • The Email Template tab in the Customization Manager
    has been renamed to Notification Templates.
  • Email subjects will now be set in the email template,
    and EmailSubject customization keys have been
  • Field tags in email templates now use the table. field format. Templates that already exist will be updated
    (for example, changed from <#LoanTitle> to <#Transaction.LoanTitle>).

See Moving Email Templates to the ILLiad Customization Manager.

Odyssey Helper + Article Exchange

Odyssey Helper has been renamed the Electronic Delivery Utility and is now integrated with Article Exchange.

  • When a request is sent from the Electronic Delivery Utility, it will determine the best way to send the request: Odyssey first, or Article Exchange if Odyssey fails
  • You can turn Article Exchange sending on or off using the SendArticleExchangeOnOdysseyFailure key.
  • Sending emails through Odyssey Manager now uses the ILLiad Web Platform, and sites must have this configured. See Configuring the ILLiad Web Platform for instructions.

See Electronic Delivery Utility for more information.

Status Aliases on the Web

A WebDisplayStatus can now be assigned to an ILLiad request status. This will allow sites to display alternate names for default statuses.

  • The DisplayStatuses table has been added to the database and is accessible from the ILLiad Customization Manager.
  • Statuses can be a direct match (such as "Request Sent") or a regular expression (such as "Request Held Until (.+)").
  • The Web Display Status is only viewable on the ILLiad web pages. The default status will still display in the ILLiad client, Web Circ, reports, etc.

See Display Statuses for instructions and more information.

Blocking on Overdues

Patrons can now be blocked specifically due to overdue materials, and this will be indicated in the ILLiad client.

  • The Borrowing Batch Check In form now contains a button to allow you to block on the third overdue
  • Patrons who are blocked only for overdue items will be automatically cleared once the items are returned
  • The "Blocked" checkbox on the User form will show a reason for the block when it is hovered over

See Blocking on Overdues for more information.

Days to Respond

The Days to Respond to information from the Policies Directory is now easily accessible from the Request form.

  • The System Manager will now retrieve the Days to Respond symbols for 1 and 2 days to respond.
  • The grid of library symbols under the Holdings tab on the request form has been modified to display both loan and copy days to respond. Days to Respond for copies is on the top right, and for loans on the bottom.
  • Different colors can be used to differentiate Days to Respond (1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20), and can be customized from the ILLiad Options form.



New A new IFMSpendingLimitOverride value has been added to the CCC Get It Now Addon, and is disabled by default. When enabled, users will be prompted when initiating payment for an item with a cost greater than the spending limit.
Changed Addons will now use the same version of Internet Explorer that is installed on the local workstation.
Changed The PubMed/Docline tab will now use the same version of Internet Explorer that is installed on the local workstation.
Changed The default IFMSpendingLimit in the CCC Get It Now Addon has been removed. This requires sites to manually enter a spending limit based on their policies before using the Addon. See ILLiad and CCC Get It Now for more information.
Fixed Fixed an issue that prevented encrypted addons from updating.
Fixed The RemoveTransactionFlag command for server addons is now working.
Fixed Fixed an issue in the Get It Now addon that caused an invalid IFM spending limit message to display at the bottom of the ordering page. The updated addon is version 2.3.

Fixed an issue that was preventing the scripting system from overwriting addons with an updated version if the addon files on the client machine had the read-only attribute set.



The UserValidationType column has been added to the UserValidation table. Two values can be used in UserValidationType: Auth (default) or Load.

  • Auth indicates that the User record will be used to authenticate a user. If a user successfully authenticates and their User record does not already exist, a User record will be created with information from the UserValidation data.
  • Load is only applicable when using a WebAuthType of LDAP or when RemoteAuthSupport is enabled. If so, the default WebAuthType will be used and the UserValidation data is only used to populate a newly created User record after a user successfully authenticates.

When using PatronAPI Exclusive authentication, users who do not have an ILLiad auth type can now successfully authenticate even though they don't exist in the PatronAPI system.


Fixed a problem that allowed users from a different parent NVTGC to log in using a different shared server site's web pages and a different web auth type.


Fixed an issue that prevented users assigned to a specific delivery location to be redirected to the proper login page if they were using the wrong shared server site's login page.



The following fields have been added to the database:

  • The UserRequestLimit, UserInfo1, UserInfo2, UserInfo3, UserInfo4, and UserInfo5 fields were added to the UserValidation table.
  • The UserValidationType value was added to the UserValidation table.
New Two reasons were added to the LendingReasonsForCancellation table: Offsite (OCLC code 30) and Item too new to loan (OCLC code 31).
New An NVTGC value has been added to entries in the LendingReasonsForCancellation table.
New File logging for the ILLiad Connection Manager has been added. This log file will be located in the same folder as the ConnectionManager.exe file.
Changed The RSSAlertsTitle customization key was updated to have an AdminKey of "Defaults" instead of "Default".
Changed The Notes field in the LenderAddresses table was removed because it was replaced with the LibraryNotes table in ILLiad 8.1.
Changed The following customization keys and tables have been removed from the database because they are no longer relevant: WebTextSpecialService, SpecialServiceActive, CCCCatalogGatewayURL, CCCTRSGatewayURL, WindowsErrorCodes, QueueSort, MARCCountry, and MARCLanguage.

The CitedIn, CitedTitle, CitedDate, CitedVolume, and CitedPages fields have all been updated to allow nvarchar(max) values, expanding the previous 40 character limit.

Changed The AddressNumber field in the LenderAddresses(ALL) table and the LenderAddressNumber field in the Transactions table were updated from float values to integer values.
Changed The LocalRouting customization key was renamed to DeliveryMethodPerItem. This was done to avoid confusion with the Local Routing processing done within Shared Server sites.
Changed The BillingAmount field was updated from a nvarchar value to a money value. Billing Manager reports were updated with this charge, and any email templates that use this field will now output with two decimal places.
Changed If the DownloadInProcessOnNextRun customization key has been added manually to the database in the past, it will now be removed. The DownloadInProcess routine will now be part of the 12-hour sync done by the ILLiad Customization Manager.
Changed The ElecDelPrintAllCheckboxDefault customization key has been removed from the database. The value of the checkbox is now saved in the user's data. If this key was previously set to Yes, after the 8.6 updates the box will need to be re-checked.
Changed The MatchString field in the Routing table has been updated in the database to allow nvarchar(max) values, expanding the previous 250 character limit.
Changed The following database fields have been removed from the database because they are no longer relevant: the Staff field in the Users table, the Special field in the Users table, the RLINSymbol in the LocalInfo table, the RLINCode field in the LendingReasonsForCancellation table, and the RLINCode field in the LendingReasonsForCond table.
Changed The ILLiad Connection Manager was updated to use a different base query when handling lending requests. This query will look at the routing rule process to determine if the Lender Address should be considered.
Fixed Fixed an issue that stopped the ILLiad client from opening or switching to a different site if data associated with the transaction number 0 existed.
Fixed Fixed two typos on the Web Reports log: "Authenication" instead of "Authentication" and "Staus" instead of "Status."
Fixed Fixed an issue in the ILLiad Database Manager that allowed print sessions from other NVTGCs to be included in the count of print sessions to be removed.

Electronic Delivery

New A "Deliver All" button has been added to the Electronic Delivery screen. This feature is only available when the BillingActive key is set to No.
New The Resend Request button that is enabled when Odyssey sending fails has moved to the new Odyssey processing ribbon in Lending. There is now also the ability to enable and disable Odyssey for a specific request.
Changed The ILLiad client now supports importing TIFF images that use JPEG encoding.
Changed An error message will now appear if there are problems retrieving documents from the Odyssey server during Electronic Delivery processing. Additionally, a transaction that encounters errors will only update to In Odyssey Processing if the document is successfully retrieved.
Changed Manually-entered lending requests can now be sent via Odyssey. This option is set with the OdysseyEnabledForManualRequests customization key.
Changed The requirement for sites to first communicate with another site to determine if the other site can receive PDFs is no longer required. All sites can now receive PDFs.

The Electronic Delivery Utility will now send additional request information (when available) in Odyssey Parameters so that Odyssey Standalone users can better identify documents.

  • ILLNumber → atlas.odyssey.ill
  • Patron →
  • PhotoJournalTitle → atlas.citation.journal.title
  • PhotoArticleTitle → atlas.citation.article.title
  • PhotoArticleAuthor →
  • PhotoJournalVolume → atlas.citation.journal.volume
  • PhotoJournalIssue → atlas.citation.journal.issue
  • PhotoJournalMonth → atlas.citation.journal.month
  • PhotoJournalYear → atlas.citation.journal.year
  • PhotoJournalInclusivePages → atlas.citation.journal.pages
Fixed Fixed a problem that caused the ILLiad client to stop responding when PDFs were being loaded into the Electronic Delivery or Scanning forms.
Fixed Fixed an issue with the Electronic Delivery Utility that was causing multiple pop-up windows to display when a file name was not a valid Transaction Number.


New The To, From, CC, BCC, and Subject fields now allow tags to be included. The ILLiad Customization Manager will allow you to add tags in the same way as the email body. See Using Email Template Tags for more information.
New The Edit Email form will now display the From and BCC addresses. The From field is read-only.
New Email templates can now include a Staff Username, First Name, Last Name, and Description. These fields will be populated based on the staff user who is sending the email.

The following fields are now available to be used as tags in the Email templates:

  • <#Special.UserDisavowalReason>
  • <#Special.PasswordResetLink>
  • <#Special.CancellationNote>
  • <#LenderAddress.LibraryNotes>
  • <#MergeFrom.Username>
  • <#MergeTo.Username>
  • <#Transaction.Notes>
  • <#Transaction.LastNote>
  • <#Staff.Username>
Changed The EMailILLiadCopiesAddress customization key was removed from the database. Any sites using this key will need to duplicate its functionality in the CC Address field of the appropriate templates.
Changed In the EmailCopies table, the EmailTo, EmailFrom, EmailCC, and EmailBCC fields have been updated to nvarchar(max). Additionally, the Subject field has increased to nvarchar(255). Email subjects larger than 255 characters will be truncated.

The Cancellation email templates have been split based on request type. The following templates now exist:

  • Borrowing Cancellation Article and Borrowing Cancellation Loan
  • Doc Del Cancellation Article and Doc Del Cancellation Loan
  • Lending Cancellation Article and Lending Cancellation Loan
Fixed Fixed an issue on the Update Stacks Search form that caused the email editing window to be hidden if the "Edit E-mail" box was checked.
Fixed When re-sending a failed email, an error message will no longer display when editing the email.

External Systems

Changed The Docline scripts have been updated to handle importing when a request is for an Epub ahead of the print article. The updated scripts can be downloaded from the ILLiad 8.6 Downloads page.
Changed Rapid requests can now contain any type of information (not just a year) in the PhotoJournalYear field.

Fixed an issue that caused the Connection Manager to stop processing requests when there were requests awaiting Direct Request lenders that did not have an ILL number.

Fixed Fixed an issue with renewals in the Patron Request Service that was preventing it from retrieving requests.
Fixed Fixed an issue that prevented Direct Request OCLC requests that didn't route properly from being deleted.

ILLiad Client

New The History table is now available to search in Custom Request searching. See Custom Searching for more information.

The library address printed on both Lending and Borrowing templates will now be pulled from the ShippingAddresses table (which contains OCLC constant data) instead of the LenderAddresses table. See Print Template Addresses for more information.

New OCLC holdings can now be customized to be listed alphabetically by symbol. By default, holdings are listed alphabetically by institution name.
New Using the Import into Resubmission button will now automatically delete the OCLC request if its status is Unfilled.
New When the Format/Document Type of a record is "Serial" or "Internet Resource," the Holdings tab will now show the Local view instead of the Default view.

It is now possible to separate Billing Category based on request/document type, and the ArticleBillingCategory and LoanBillingCategory fields have been created.

  • The BillingCategory tag will no longer display correctly in emails and will need to be updated. This tag has been replaced by the ArticleBillingCategory and LoanBillingCategory fields.
  • The Billing Manager will now display both the Article Billing Category and the Loan Billing Category when viewing an invoice. The Billing Category associated with the request will display as the BILLINGCAT merge field on the invoice template.
  • The ILLiad client will no longer use the WebDefaultBillingCategory customization key to set the Billing Category for new users. The client will now use the values from the DefaultAccounts table to initialize the ArticleBillingCategory and LoanBillingCategory fields.
  • The Patron Request Service will no longer use the WebDefaultBillingCategory customization key to set the Billing Category for new users. It will now use the values from the DefaultAccounts table to initialize the ArticleBillingCategory and LoanBillingCategory fields.
  • The Billing Category displayed in the Electronic Delivery Utility is now based on the Billing Category associated with the specific request being processed.
  • The Database Manager was updated to support patron searches and filtering by BillingCategory.
  • The default Printable Columns that can be used for Users and Lender Addresses have been updated to remove BillingCategory and add ArticleBillingCategory and LoanBillingCategory.
  • If the BillingCategory tag is being used as a Param tag, it will be pulled from the LoanBillingCategory field.
  • If the BillingCategory field is used and populated on the NewAuth.html, NewUser.html, or ChangeUserInformation.html web pages, the value used will be used in both the ArticleBillingCategory and LoanBillingCateogry fields.

The Connection Manager will now validate each symbol in a lending string before sending to ensure they are all valid suppliers. If any symbol is not a supplier, it will be removed from the LendingString field on the OCLC request and be moved to the Locations field.


The ILLiad Connection Manager will now check Lending requests when mark as Shipped to see if the lending restrictions of Library Use Only or No Renewals have been selected. If they have, these restrictions will be marked automatically on the Borrowing request. Two new customization keys were added to support this functionality: UpdateLendingShippedLibraryUseOnly and UpdateLendingShippedNoRenewals.


When searching OCLC holdings, regional holdings now display in alphabetical order.

Changed When fields from additional tables are added to a custom request search, they will now appear in the results grid.
Changed The Corporate Name field (MARC 110) will now be considered the Author on the OCLCworkformif the 100 field is not available.
Changed All Excel files generated when printing have the new file extension of .xlsx and will now use the Strict Open XML spreadsheet format.
Changed When you cancel an ILLiad request which is in the Awaiting Unfilled Processing status in ILLiad and is also in the Exhausted status on OCLC, the system will automatically delete the OCLC request.

Fixed a problem when a Conditional No response was given that moved requests to Awaiting Unfilled Processing even when there were additional symbols in the lending string.


Fixed an issue that sent Lending charges to OCLC with four decimal places instead of two.

Fixed Fixed an issue that caused Special Message transaction flags to be added to a request multiple times.
Fixed Fixed a problem that caused the custom values for Status, Department, and State on the User form to disappear.
Fixed Fixed an issue that prevented a Library Note from being created on an Address Record if the Library's symbol was longer than 16 characters.
Fixed Fixed a routing issue that stopped Document delivery article requests from moving to Request Finished after notifications were sent.
Fixed Requests at the Request Held status will now open as a processing queue and will allow the next step and OCLC processing.
Fixed Fixed an issue that prevented the ILLiad client from opening properly if a user configuration file had become corrupted.
Fixed Fixed an issue that prevented changes from being saved before cloning a request.
Fixed Fixed an issue that would add "Rush" to the Lender ShipTo address when importing RUSH Docline lending requests.
Fixed Fixed a typo on the mail merge error dialog box: "ErrorPerfomingMail Merge" instead of "Error Performing Mail Merge."
Fixed Some ILLiad sites had reported issues with ILLiad print templates being treated as potentially malicious when attempting to print from the ILLiad client. This is due to the location of the templates, and not to any issues with ILLiad or the templates.

Fixed the dead link on the red question mark icon in the Staff Manager.

ILLiad Updater


ILLiad 8.6 now uses the .NET 4.5.1 framework for both the ILLiad server and the ILLiad client. Your ILLiad server and all desktops that run the ILLiad client will need to update to .NET 4.5.1 framework. Your server and client machines may need to be restarted after installation to apply the changes. Because of these changes, Windows XP and older are no longer supported with ILLiad. See Hardware and Software Requirements for more information on supported versions.

New The Upgrade Advisor has been added to the ILLiad Server Updater. It will enforce that SQL Server 2008 or higher and .NET Framework version 4.5.1 or higher are used on the server, and will check for other problems with the server and database.
Changed The ILLiad Server Updater will now perform all database changes at the same time, and before any other updates.

Web Circ

New If an Authorized User is supplied in a User record, it will now display in Web Circ when viewing User or Request details.
New It is now possible to add additional request statuses in Web Circ for the Check In and Mark In Transit processes.
New The custom.css page can now be used to make site-specific customizations in Web Circ. The default location of this file is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad\WebCirc. Future ILLiad updates will not change or overwrite this file.
Fixed Fixed an issue in Web Circ that caused duplicate tabs to appear when the WebCircEnableMarkInTransitFromCustomer or WebCircEnableMarkInTransitToPickupLocation customization keys were turned off.

Web Pages


ILLiad now requires more complex passwords for patron accounts (using ILLiad authentication). Passwords must have at least eight characters with at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one number. See Password Requirements for more information.


For Shared Server ILLiad sites, Web Validation will now use a parent NVTGC for lookups. Order of lookups for WebFormValidation:

  1. User’s NVTGC - (User's exact NVTGC ignoring parent site)
  2. Page NVTGC – (hidden HTML parameter for NVTGC)
  3. Parent of User’s NVTGC - (Parent of User's exact NVTGC, will only be used if Shared Server Support is on)
  4. Database NVTGC – The NVTGC that is being set based on the logon account
Changed The Copyright tag has been updated for 2015 in the Borrowing and Lending DLLs as well as the Logon.html and LendingLogon.html web pages.
Changed The main.css web page has been updated to make TN (Transaction Number) links more obvious in all tables. The default web pages include this change. The change can also be made manually, see ILLiad 8.6 Web Page Changes for more information.
Changed The tab order has been removed on all ILLiad default web pages.
Changed The documentation has been updated to include all possible Table customization options on the ILLiad web pages. See TABLE Tags for more information.
Fixed The parameters in the FORMSTATE tab are now URL-encoded so that characters such as line breaks are handled correctly.

Fixed an issue that caused the tab order to be incorrect on the NewUserRegistration.html page.


Fixed three typos on the Web Reports Document Delivery main menu page: the "Most Filled Journals" and the "Elec Del Turnaround Time" heading links had a visible h3> following the words, and "withing" was used instead of "within" in the description for Most Filled Journals.

Web Platform

New Policies Directory lookups in the ILLiad client will now use the ILLiad Web Platform. See Configuring the ILLiad Web Platform for instructions on setting up the Web Platform.
New The Web Platform can now retrieve transaction details by the Transaction Number. See The ILLiad Web Platform API for more information.
Changed The default Web Platform log.config file was updated to rotate when the log files reach 1MB instead of each time the Web Platform application pool is recycled.
Changed The Web Platform and OCLC web service traffic will now use a UserAgent of "ILLiad/version #" (e.g. ILLiad/
Fixed Fixed an issue with the Web Platform that did not allow the CCC Get It Now addon to generate an IFM payment token. When a staff's username contained a blank space (e.g. "Staff User"), the communication signatures between the ILLiad client and the ILLiad Web Platform were not matching because the Web Platform was not URL encoded.


ILLiad 8.6 Point Release Notes

2 June 2015 Connection Manager ( Release

This fix is available on the update server. Your server admin (if self-hosted) or OCLC (if hosted) will need to perform this update.

Fixed Fixed an issue that allowed Lending requests to be downloaded multiple times on a Shared Server site when the Lending request was routed to another ILLiad site (Local routing).


9 June 2015 Client ( Release

You will be prompted to update when you open the ILLiad client.

Changed When "View merged document before printing" is checked, the template document will no longer open and only the merged document will appear.
Fixed Fixed a problem that caused the ILLiad client to become unresponsive when printing from multiple templates that used the same xlsx file as a data source.
Fixed Fixed an issue that was not removing previous requests when clearing the cancellation print queue.


7 July 2015 Server ( and Client ( Release

This point release includes both a server and a client update. Libraries hosted by OCLC should contact OCLC at or 1-800-848-5800 to have their server updated.

You will be prompted to update the ILLiad client the next time you log in. You can also download this file at ILLiad 8.6 Downloads.


Users can now choose if they want to receive notifications specifically for electronic delivery items. These notifications are separate from loan notifications.

  • All users will be automatically subscribed to electronic delivery notifications at first, but this can now be changed.
  • A checkbox has been added to the User form to enable or disable notifications for electronic delivery.
  • A checkbox can also be added to your web pages for patrons. See ILLiad 8.6 Web Page Changes for instructions on how to do this.
  • The include_notification_preferences.html file has been updated to add this new functionality.
Fixed The web.config file in the WebReports folder has been updated to add a default document. This will ensure that the Web Reports display correctly.
Fixed Fixed a problem that prevented the staff username from showing in notifications sent within the ILLiad client.

Fixed an issue that prevented saving changes made on a new User form after the first save.

Fixed Restored the ability to use HTML for web alerts on the ILLiad web pages.
Fixed The Lending DLL was updated to correct the link generated for password reset emails. It will now use the LendingWebURL customization key instead of the WebURL customization key.


10 August 2015 Server ( Release

This point release is only a server update. Libraries hosted by OCLC should contact OCLC at or 1-800-848-5800 to have their server updated. This update includes a new Connection Manager, Web Platform, System Manager, Shared Components and Web DLL, all version


The server addons now allow for a Resubmit Request option.

Fixed OCLC Article Exchange alerts are added to outgoing Lending requests regardless of the timing of the OCLC Shipped message.
Fixed Web Alerts can have HTML encoded text for status and NVTGC specific alerts (versus only alerts for all users).


27 September 2015 Client ( Release

This point release is only a client update. You will be prompted to update the ILLiad client the next time you log in.


Updated Pubmed searching in the staff client to use new NLM/Entrez standard search interface versus the no longer supported SOAP service. Users will see enhanced search results.


29 September 2015 Web Platform ( Release

This point release for the ILLiad Web Platform will fix problems with notification failures.


Changes have been made to better handle simultaneous calls to the ILLiad Web Platform, which will reduce notification failures. These changes should help address notification failures when:

  • A request is flagged with the "Notification Failed" Odyssey error
  • The electronic delivery notification is sent to the EmailNoAccountAddress

These errors were sometimes manifesting in the Web Platform log like the following:

  • "There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be
    closed first."
  • "Error executing SQL Command. An empty string cannot be converted to an enumeration of type AtlasSystems.ILLiad.DomainObjects.Enumerations.ProcessType."
  • "Error executing SQL Command. Null object cannot be converted to a value type."
  • "The transaction or notification template could not be found"

Note: It is possible that failures can continue to happen due to temporary server issues or problems where notifications are not properly configured. When an individual notification failure occurs staff should ensure the user is properly configured for notifications and the notification template is properly configured. In the event of a failure for the electronic delivery notification, staff can manually send the notification using the "Delivered to Web" process in the client.


30 November 2015 Web Platform (8.6.4) and Odyssey Manager (8.6.2) Release

These updates can be made on your ILLiad server. If you are hosted by OCLC, contact them for assistance. If you are self-hosted, see ILLiad Server Automatic Updater for information on how to update your server.


The Odyssey Manager will now retry sending a notification through the Web Platform if the first attempt failed. If the second attempt also fails after 5 seconds, the request will be marked with the "Notification Failed" Odyssey error status.

Updated Odyssey Manager was updated to handle field truncation of bibliographic fields so that Odyssey standalone can accept those requests. ILLiad will ensure that the values it sends for header parameters are less than or equal to the Odyssey standalone maximum lengths.
Fixed Changes were made to the Web Platform to prevent initialization issues when multiple requests to the Web Platform were occurring at the same time after the Web Platform had been idle.


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