ILLiad 8.7 Release Notes

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Released June 2016

Support for ILLiad 8.5 ends 1 September 2016

Support for ILLiad 8.6 ends 28 February 2019

Support for ILLiad 8.7 ends 31 December 2019


Important Update Information

  • The ILLiad server updater now uses secure HTTPS to download updated files.
  • Server Addons can now be stored in the database and there is a new user interface for managing them in the Customization Manager. See Installing and Configuring Server Addons for more information.

ILLiad Highlights

The following new features and enhancements have been added to ILLiad version 8.7.

End of Support Soon message  

60 days before support for a version of ILLiad ends, a message shows on the bottom right corner of the client called “End of Support Soon” that provides the day that support will end.

End of Support Message 

Once support has officially ended, this notice will show on the bottom right corner of the client.


ILLiad 8.7 Features & Fixes

Addons | Admin Tools | Billing | Database | Docline | Electronic Delivery | ILLiad Client | Installation | PrintingReporting | Web Pages | Web Platform



Server Addons can now be stored in the database and there is a new user interface for managing them in the Customization Manager. See Installing and Configuring Server Addons for more information.

New The Worldcat Local Addon is now in version 1.3.0. This version does not display script errors related to javascript when opening a request form. Download version 1.3.0 here

Admin Tools


The check for the status field in the user table in the upgrade advisor previously checked for 15 characters. It now checks for 50 characters.


The Shared Server Manager tool (only used by OCLC and Atlas staff) now only uses the database username in the logon.txt file it creates.


The description for DataManMinOtherDeleteDays and DataManMinTransDeleteDays customization keys are now in the correct places.


The Connection Manager log was not recording when Lending Renewal was marked as “No”.


Fixed The overdue notice in billing manager reports used to say “Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter."


 Changed The ItemNumber field in the Transaction table is now 20 characters long.

The Transactions.ReasonforCancellation and ReasonsForCancellation.Reason tables are both 150 characters long.

Changed  The user name fields in all tables are now 100 characters.

The names of several primary keys for tables have been corrected to be consistent. The Customization, LendingReasonsForCond, LocalInfo, and ZServerConfig tables have had their primary keys renamed in the format of PK_[TableName]. The LocalInfo table also had its unique constraint of IX_LocalInfo removed. The OdysseyReceived, PrintDetails, and WorldcatInformation tables have new primary keys in the format of PK_[TableName].

Changed The NVTGC field is now 20 characters long in all tables.
Changed The LenderPriorities table has been removed.
Changed  Email Address fields are now 100 characters long.
Changed  The Phone field is now 25 characters long.
 Changed The BillingExempt field has been removed from the LenderAddresses table.



When searching for a title in PubMed, default PubMed stop words like “to” and “in” are automatically removed for Title, Keyword and Author searches. This can be overridden if needed with the use of a custom txt list inserted into the same location as the client.
Fixed When transferring a request from Docline to Loansome Doc, information from FieldTranslation is now being populated on the Loansome Doc form.
Fixed When a search in PubMed results in an error, the message will now show to the user so that adjustments can be made.

Electronic Delivery

Changed When sending electronic articles manually through Odyssey and the Borrower TN is not modified, the article now comes through as an unattached Odyssey PDF that can be viewed, matched and delivered through ILLiad.
Changed The Scanning form now stylistically matches the other forms in ILLiad.

On the Electronically Received Articles web page, the Size column was showing incorrect sizes for files greater than 2GB.


Files greater than 2GB can now be downloaded from the Electronically Received Articles web page.

 Fixed When an article file already existed in the ElecDel folder and another article with the same transaction number was received through Odyssey, the transaction would sometimes fail. Now, anytime an Odyssey file is received, the system checks to see if the same file name exists in the ElecDel folder and deletes the old one so that the transaction does not fail.

ILLiad Client

 New When reprinting sessions, items will merge and open in Microsoft Word even if the Start-Up Option “Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view” is checked.
 New 60 days before support for a version of ILLiad ends, a message shows on the bottom right corner of the client called “End of Support Soon” that provides the day that support will end. Another message to the immediate left called “An Update is Available” allows the user to download supported versions of ILLiad.
 Changed  Lending Renewal and Conditional Pending requests used to go to the first alphabetical site on a shared server. Now it will now go to the correct site on a shared server.
 Changed  CustomDropDown values are now HTML encoded and will match even if a tag value has a character that would usually be HTML encoded.
 Changed When the ILLiad client uses browser emulation mode to work in the current version of Internet Explorer, the changes are now immediate and do not require a client restart.
 Changed When a request is made in ILLiad for Aeon and the Aeon user cancels the request, sometimes an error occurs. When that happens, a prompt will display indicating that the request cannot be canceled in Aeon with the option of continuing. i.e. “The external Aeon request (#1234) could not be canceled. Do you want to continue canceling the request?” If yes is chosen, the error is ignored and cancellation on OCLC will continue if applicable. If no is chosen, the cancellation process will be closed.
 Changed  ItemInfo fields 1-5 on the Update Stacks Search form can now use FieldCustomizations.
 Changed The Revert to Prior ILLiad Status button in the ISO ribbon has been removed since it was not functional. Staff can use the standard routing menus to route to another ILLiad status.
 Changed In Outgoing Notifications, all action buttons were highlighted, whether or not they could be used.
 Changed In some situations, the To and From fields were not being populated on the Outgoing Notifications form.
 Changed The preview of the outgoing notification was not updating to show the transaction currently being worked on.
 Changed The email routing entries were sorted dependent on how the SQL server provided results. Now, the email routing entries are sorted alphabetically by email routing name.
 Changed On the Lending Overdues form, the only transactions that show up now are the ones associated with the site you are logged in as.
 Fixed When exporting a custom search in the staff client, spreadsheets are now XLSX file types which expands the worksheet size to 1,048576 rows and 16,384 columns (per Microsoft Excel).
 Fixed The Z39.50 server would time out or lose the connection when performing some queries.
 Fixed Previously, when the display settings were set to more than 100%, some forms and buttons were not accessible in the Client, Customization Manager, and Staff Manager. Now all forms and buttons display correctly at any resolution.
 Fixed On the User Form, when the Blocked button is hovered over it will display as Overdue Block or Manual Block when the users are actively blocked in that way. Otherwise, it will just show the word Blocked.
 Fixed If the Update Stacks Search tab in Lending was clicked and then another location was clicked, the focus would move to the Home tab when the Update Stacks Search tab was returned to.
 Fixed Searching the OCLC Policies Directory in ILLiad now allows retrieval for institutions with OCLC symbols that contain #.
 Fixed The ISO processing buttons are now enabled or disabled for items in the appropriate sides and statuses (ie: Lost Items is only enabled in Borrowing when an item is checked out to a patron, and the Recall Item button is only enabled in Lending when an item is in the status of Item Shipped).
 Fixed The ShipToAttention field is now set on OCLC requests that are created through the Awaiting OCLC Sending functionality.
 Fixed If an OCLC Request had a status of Shipped, Returned, or Received but was missing the corresponding date, the status could not display and would cause the feedback form in the client to appear.
 Fixed If items were removed on the quick access toolbar and then “Reset to default” was clicked, the change would not occur.

ILLiad Updater

New The ILLiad server updater now uses secure HTTPS to download updated files.



When a client update is found it is now downloaded to a temp folder on the machine. Update files not requiring admin permissions will download without interruption.


Changed Borrowing ALA printing now exports the ShippingAddress table so that the correct address fields are used during the mail merge. While those fields will always be blank for Borrowing ALA requests, it formats the merge fields correctly by including them.


Changed All the names of the ILLiad Web Reports have been shortened to be under 31 characters so they can be correctly exported to Microsoft Excel.
Fixed When running the MostLoanedJournals or MostLoanedMonographs report, requests with a matching LenderAddressNumber and LendingLibrary for any NVTGC on a shared server would create a duplicate entry. This caused the total number to be inaccurate.

Web Pages


The dropdown for language preferences on the Report Request form is now properly aligned.


The Transactions.RequestType field now only allows values of Article or Loan. The Transactions.ProcessType field now only allows values of Borrowing, DocDel, or Lending. Any values other than those are removed in the update and a history entry is added noting that. This typically is only for legacy transactions that have been imported and not for transactions created within ILLiad.


The FAQ and ElectronicDeliveryInformation pages are now served through the DLL and can access the .ccs files for mobile styling. Authentication is not required to access the pages.

To update your versions of these pages: View FAQ.HTML and ElectronicDeliveryInformation.html by right-clicking and selecting "view page source" to see the code. You can either install the new pages and add back your local customizations to these pages. Alternately, you can use a tool (one example is Beyond Compare) to compare your customized page with the new default page and make matching changes in your customized pages. We recommend you make the changes and test in your testweb directory before moving into production.

You will also need to update any linking to these pages such as on your First Time Users page or any outside page that may have linked to the older versions.

To display the FAQ page:

  • Borrowing: [yourILLiadURL]/illiad.dll?action=10&form=12
  • Lending: [yourILLiadURL]/illiadlending.dll?action=10&form=12

To display the ElectronicDeliveryInformation.html page:

  • [yourILLiadURL]/illiad.dll?action=10&form=13

Web Platform

 New The FAQ and ElectronicDeliveryInformation pages are now served through the DLL. See FAQ.HTML and ElectronicDeliveryInformation.html, right click and select "view page source" to see the code for fixing.
 Fixed When web validation fails, the username is preserved through the registration process.

ILLiad 8.7 Point Release Notes 

24 June 2016 DLL (8.7.1) Release

This point release only contains a DLL update. Use the server updater (ILLiad Server Automatic Updater) to perform this update.

Fixed  The ability to use .* as a regular expression for WebValidation has been restored.

20 January 2017 DLL (8.7.2) Release

This point release only contains a DLL update. Use the server updater (ILLiad Server Automatic Updater) to perform this update.

Fixed  Fixed issue that could cause logons to not be persisted or RemoteAuth logins to not work when HTTP Headers/Cookies exceeded 4096 characters.

11 July 2017  Server and Client (8.7.2) and DLL (8.7.3) Release

The server must be updated prior to updating any client software.

Rapid Manager Changes for PatronNotes 

Rapid Manager supports sending additional information in the Rapid PatronNotes field. A customization key has been added, RapidBorrowingPatronNotes, to define mapping ILLiad fields or static data to be added to the Rapid field. An example of the customization value could be “<#Transaction.CitedTitle> <#Transaction.CitedDate> <#Transaction.CitedVolume> <#Transaction.CitedPages> <#Special.LastUserNote>”. Rapid Manager will attempt to clean up the patron note by removing any leading/trailing whitespace and any duplicate spaces found.

Due to RAPID API limitations, the notes cannot be downloaded by RAPID lenders back into an ILLiad system. The PatronNotes are only available within the RAPID web interface at this time.

Additional Rapid Manager updates:

Fixed  Fixed issue where Electronic Delivery Utility does not add symbol information for Rapid Requests
Fixed  Fixed an issue that was creating duplicate Rapid addresses.

Docline Updates

Docline changes have been made to the Borrowing & Lending imports within the client. The bug fixes for importing require the ILLiad 8.7.2 client.

There are also updated Docline lua scripts installed through the Client updater if you are updating to 8.7.2 or on the ILLiad 9.0 Downloads page if you aren't ready to update but want to start using the new scripts. These scripts do not require ILLiad 8.7.2. They only affect the functionality of importing data when sending out borrowing requests.

Included Docline Updates:


Fixed issue where citation information did not import for lending and borrowing requests when it is an ePub ahead of print.

Fixed  Fixed issue where Docline requests with multiple page ranges were not imported.
Fixed  Fixed issue where Lender and ILL number are sometimes not imported for Docline requests.
Fixed  Fixed issue where the Docline Search & Fill scripts can loop repeatedly from the results page

Client Update

While this is a minor release, the client does require a database change made in the 8.7.2 server update. We’ve modified the client update locations so that staff users will only be prompted to update their client when their server has already been updated similar to major updates.

Web Platform Changes

You can now route requests, mark requests as unfilled or filled, add a transaction note, add a transaction history, create a transaction request, search for a user by external user id, and search for a user by username.  All of the new web platform functionality is documented in The ILLiad Web Platform API.

Additional items addressed:

Fixed  Fixed issue where Borrowing renewal request failed if Due Date is old
Fixed  Fixed issue where merging or deleting lenders from the custom search form causes an error.
Fixed  Updated the description of the WebDefaultNotifyGroup customization key.
Fixed  Fixed issue where Leading/Trailing white space in OdysseySystemID caused SystemID checks to fail
Fixed  Length of AEUrl field increased.
Fixed  Fixed issue where checking in ISO requests caused an error if the request had no ILL number
Fixed  Fixed issue where ILLiad web DLL kept PDF files in use after the display.
Fixed  Fixed issue causing 'Days to Respond' information from OCLC to not be updated.

17 July 2017  DLL (8.7.4) Release

Fixed  The ILLiad and ILLiadLending DLLs will now set the secure attribute of session cookies.
Fixed  If the WebRedirectProtocol customization key is not found, the DLL will set the attribute if it detects the HTTP request came through over (secure) port 443.
Fixed  If the LendingWebURL customization key is not found or does not start with https://, the DLL will set the attribute if it detects the HTTP request came through over (secure) port 443.


12 December 2018 (8.7.5) DLL Release

Fixed Fixed a web validation issue with the debug DLL logs. 
Fixed Fixed an issue where the DLL would not properly validate custom passwords that didn't fit the criteria "Password=.+\s?$" for custom fields such as Password1.
Fixed Fixed an issue that could potentially (under rare circumstances) allow users to see email notifications that did not belong to them.

01 March 2019 (8.7.3) Client Release

In support of the ILLiad and DOCLINE 6.1 integration, there have been many changes to the client including the following:

  • New Home button available for navigation to main DOCLINE page
  • Import from clipboard button is no longer available
  • New lending buttons have been added (e.g., Import ALL Requests)
  • The Manual Request & Fill (with Fill & Send) are now separate buttons
  • Changes to the FieldTranslation.xml file
Six new articles have been added to the Atlas Support documents to discuss the changes on the following topics:

For more information on the update, please see the ILLiad and DOCLINE 6.1 FAQ and the video tutorial:

Click Here to View the FAQ

Click Here to View the Video Tutorial


All knowledgebase links have been redirected to new support landing page


Modified ILLiad to support Docline 6.1 integration.


Loansome Doc has been removed from the client as a result of NLM retiring Loansome Doc on 7/1/2019.


Upon startup, the client will now query for any updates prior to prompting for sign-in credentials. This will prevent the user from not being able to log into another workstation whose client still operates under the previous version.


Fixed issue for changing passwords on shared server lender addresses.


Fixed FormSystemInformationEmail so it does not expand beyond the window parameters.


Fixed VersionClient customization key to match the updated version after a server update.

11 April 2019 (8.7.3) Server Release

The server update is for sites who wish to change the value of their Odyssey address. For example, if you replace the default IP address value (e.g., 216.x for the OdysseySystemID key with your DNS value (e.g., The update will allow you to put the old OdysseySystemID value (e.g., 216.x in the OdysseySystemIDAlt to ensure you receive any borrowing requests sent prior to the value change. 

This update will only allow you to utilize the OdysseySystemIDAlt key. If you are experiencing any server or networking issues, please contact support. The OdysseySystemIDAlt key will have to be added manually since it's not added by default. The OdysseSystemIDAlt key can be located in the Customization Manager under Odyssey | Defaults.

To update to 8.7.3, please use the ILLiad Server Automatic Updater.


Added support for the OdysseySystemIDAlt customization key.




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