Importing Docline Requests

This article only applies to ILLiad versions 9.0.1 and 8.7.2 and below.

Importing Requests within the ILLiad Client

  1. From the ILLiad main menu, click on the Lending ribbon.
  2. Click Import Docline Requests.
  3. The Docline Lending Importing form opens.
  4. Click on the Requests awaiting RECEIPT link.
  5. A popup message displays, "You have acknowledged receipt of X requests."
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Docline Importing ribbon, click Import Requests.
  8. Importing will begin. The progress of the requested import is displayed in the box on the right and in the green progress bar at the bottom.
  9. When importing is complete and the progress bar is full, close the Docline Importing form by clicking the X on the Docline Importing tab.
  10. The request has been moved to Awaiting Lending Request Processing.

Importing Requests from a Separate Browser Window

Due to some issues with Docline functionality within the ILLiad Client, it is often easier to copy Docline lending requests using the Clipboard function on your computer and then use the import options in the Client.

To Copy One Request at a Time

  1. Open Docline in a separate browser.
  2. Open a lending request in a separate browser window.
  3. Copy the request information by

    • Ctrl+A (or right click and hit select all) to Select All text.

    • Ctrl+C (or right-click the highlighted text and hit copy) to copy to clipboard.

  4. Return to the ILLiad Client and open the Lending ribbon

  5. Click on the Import Docline Request button. This will open Docline.

  6. Click on Import from Clipboard.

To Copy Multiple Requests

  1. Open Docline in a separate browser.
  2. Click on the Requests tab.
  3. Click on the Status/Cancel button in the yellow menu.
  4. Define your search limits.
    • If you want to do all new Lending requests, you would select DOCLINE, Lending, and Pending from the drop downs. You can leave the dates blank.
  5. If you retrieve more than 25 results, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and refresh the view with more results, by changing the View Options of Results per page: to more than 25 and hit the orange Refresh button.
  6. Either use the empty checkbox that is on the far left on the khaki colored header OR scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Select All link.
    • This will check every request box.
  7. Select the Print button.
  8. This will open up a new window with all of the selected requests.
  9. Now use the Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C to highlight everything and copy to Clipboard.
  10. Follow the steps above beginning with number 4.

Importing Docline Requests for Odyssey Standalone Sites

If no borrower transaction number is found on a request identified as an Odyssey request, ILLiad assigns a default borrower transaction number of -1, allowing lenders to process the request as though a transaction number had been found. ILLiad also assigns a transaction number of -1 if an Odyssey address is found in the EmailAddresss, Verified or BorrowingNotes fields.



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