Delete Agent Record


In order to delete an agent record, the staff account being used must have the required permissions.

There are two ways to delete an agent record.

First, if you do a search and get grid results, you can use the checkbox to select the agent record you want to delete and then click Delete in the top right corner.

If you would like to review the agent record before deleting it, then from the grid, click on View or Edit. 

Then while in the record, click on the Delete button in the upper right corner.

When you click on Delete, you will get a warning that the action cannot be undone. Click on Delete to delete the record, or Cancel if you decide not to delete it.

Staff Accounts as Person Agents

When you create staff accounts in ArchivesSpace, they are created as Person Agents.  You won't be able to delete those accounts from the agents area.  In order to delete a staff account, you would need to be an administrator of ArchivesSpace and be in the Administrative section.

If you were to try to remove a staff account from within the agents area of ArchivesSpace, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion and then you would see the error shown in red below.


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