Location Records: Creating Batch Locations


Plan ahead before creating a large number of location records.Before you create locations in batch, it is recommended to use a spreadsheet or some sort of illustrative map of what your locations will look like. Batch locations can be very tedious to clean up afterwards.

To create locations in a batch, click on the Create menu, hover over Location, and then select Create Batch Locations.

Another way to create batch locations is from the Browse menu. Select Locations. The option to create batch locations is at the top of the page.

On this form are some of the same fields we use when creating a single location.

For example, you can create a temporary location and then choose the temporary location from the dropdown menu.

The temporary location dropdown values can be modified.

After determining whether your location is temporary ( or permanent) it is time to fill out the rest of the form.

The building is required with additional fields like Room, Floor or Area being optional.

You can choose to link these locations, all of them, to a specific location profile, which is required if you want to use the space calculator in ArchivesSpace. Select the down arrow and choose to Browse to find an already created Location Profile or select Create to enter a new one.

You can also choose to link these locations to particular repository by clicking on the down arrow, then Browse and then select the repository you want to link all of them to. 

You can also add additional information about the function of the storage area.

Below that this is where fill in the different coordinate system that you are using for these locations. This is the part you to plan ahead of time before you have ArchivesSpace create all those locations. The following form has been filled out with values for illustrative purposes only.  Your values will most likely be different.

For my first coordinate range, I'm using Range as the Label. A prefix is if there was something that went in front of that. I want the range to start with 1 and I would like for it to end with the 10. If there was anything that needed to append to this coordinate you could use the Suffix field. For the second point in the coordinate system, I use the word Shelf. I would like for the range to start at A and end at B. For my final coordinate range I use Folder and I would like for the range to go to from 1 to 5.

We highly recommend that you click on the Preview Locations button first to make sure that you have entered what you have wanted to enter. When I click on this button it's going to let me preview all of the locations that it's going to create.

If everything looks correct, click on the continue button and then click on the Create Locations button. If it does not, click on the continue button and then change whatever needs to change and click on preview again until you have the results you want.

If you are creating a number of locations, it may take a couple of minutes for ArchivesSpace to create all of those records. Once it creates the records you'll see confirmation text at the top of the page telling you how many locations were created. You may have to refresh the page to see all of your results. Because I've created these location records in the batch, they are not linked to any top containers.



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