Agent Record Overview


Agent records are a way of identifying persons, corporate entities, families, and software that have some sort of relationship to archival materials. They might have a relationship to events which are things that happen to records in ArchivesSpace or they might have relationships to other agent records.

There are four types of agents. Person, Corporate Entity, Family, and Software. Agent records exist external to repositories.

To view existing agent records, click on the Browse menu and select Agents.  This will open the agent's area of ArchivesSpace.  Search for agents by entering text in the search box.  You can also view agent records by record type, source, or rules.

The list of agent records can be sorted by clicking on the column headings or drop-down menus.

Clicking on View or Edit next to an agent record opens the agent record for viewing or editing. New agent records can be created from here, and default values for certain fields can be set here as well. Agent records can also be deleted from this page. 



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