Create Agent: Corporate Entity


A Corporate Entity agent record can be created from an accession or resource record or you can create it directly from the Create menu.

To create a new corporate entity agent record from the create menu, click on Create, then Agent and finally Corporate Entity.

The agent record has a number of sub-records.

Basic Information

The Basic Information sub-record shows the Agent Type of Corporate Entity as well as the Publish checkbox.

In order for an agent record to appear in the public interface, it must be linked to either an accession or resource record. If you check the public interface and don't see an agent there and know that you published everything, it's because the agent record needs to be linked to an accession or resource record.

Dates of Existence

The Dates of Existence sub-record is for date information about the Corporate Entity.

The Label field is restricted to the displayed value Existence.

Type is either Single or Range.

Certainty is only used if one is uncertain about the integrity of the dates. The drop down options are Approximate, Inferred and Questionable.

Era only comes with ce in the drop down out of the box.

Calendar only comes with Gregorian in the drop down out of the box.

Name Forms

Name Forms is a required sub-record.  

Authority ID field contains a referenced rule or authority and is not required.

The Source and Rules fields are required in that one of them must have a value, but it is also possible for both to have values.  The items in both the Source and Rules drop-down menu are customizable.

The Primary Part of Name field is required and is the name of the corporate entity.

Subordinate Name 1 and Subordinate Name 2 are hierarchical fields.  Subordinate Name 1 is a subset of the corporate entity.  For example, a college is a subset of a university. Subordinate Name 2 is a subset of Subordinate Name 1.  For example, departments are sometimes subsets of a college.

The Number and Dates fields add additional qualifying information to the corporate entity.

The Qualifier field allows you to add additional information to enable researchers to distinguish similar names.

Sort Name is the way ArchivesSpace will display the name and is required.  By default, if Automatically Generate is selected, it will use the Primary Part of Name field.  If you would prefer to specify the name used, then uncheck the Automatically Generate box and enter the value you want.

You can have multiple Name Forms sub-records and can indicate which name form is the authoritative name and/or display name.

Dates of Name Use

The Dates of Name Use is a sub-record to the Name Forms sub-record and is used to specify the time frame that a name was in use.

The Label and Type fields are required.  Label is set to 'Usage' as the only option.  Type specifies whether the dates are a range or a single date.  You can have multiple Dates of Name Use records.

Additional sub-records can be added to the agent record.  







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