Using the Space Calculator in a Top Container Record


There are two ways to use the Space Calculator with a Top Container in ArchivesSpace.

To use the Space Calculator on already existing Top Containers needing a location, use the gear wheel drop down menu next to the Repository Name and select Manage Top Containers.

From here use the available options to find the Top Container you want to work with.

Select the Top Container you want to assign a location to from the list of results and then click the Edit button.

Click Add Location and use the down arrow in the location field to select Find with Space Calculator.

The other way to use the Space Calculator involves creating the Top Container and determining its location with the Space Calculator at the same time.

Start with a Resource Record and add a Container instance.

Then click on the down arrow for the Top Container field and select 'Create'.

In order to use the Space Calculator we must link this Top Container to a Container Profile.

After assigning a Container Profile to the new Top Container, click the Add Location button then the down arrow next to the location field to find an existing location by using the Space Calculator.

Choose the building and any additional fields that may describe this location. Depending on how the location has been described, the number of additional fields beyond building varies.

Click on Check for Space to show the available space for the Top Container, based on the Container Profile chosen.

The Space Calculator calculates available space by taking into account the dimensions of the container and also the dimensions of the location. On the container side, an additional factor being analyzed is whether or not something can be placed in front of containers that might already be in this location, and also whether items could stack.

Choose the location to add this top container to, and then click the Link to Location button.

Finish creating the instance record by clicking the Save Resource button.



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