Spawning Resource Records


Spawning a resource record means you will generate a preliminary resource record from an existing accession record.

To spawn a resource record, open the accession record that you want to spawn from and click on the Spawn button. Next, choose the Resource option.

This will create a new resource record and will include some information from the accession record.

Not all information will be copied and you will need to add additional information manually. For example,  the spawned record will need to have to a unique identifier and a level of description for this collection. Complete the remainder of the resource record to ensure that all required fields have been filled out. Save this resource by clicking any of the 3 save buttons on this page located at the bottom and top of the record and underneath the quick links on the left side of the page.

When a field that follows the DACS standard is not required and does not have information in it, a yellow error will pop up at the top of the screen.

Because this is not a required field I do not have to include language in my collection. I can choose to save anyway or I can add a language to complete my record. Clicking the down arrow next to the error message will take me to the field missing information.

I can save my resource again. The same accession record can be used to spawn multiple resource records as long as each spawned resource has a unique identifier. Collection additions can be linked to the resource later, but cannot be spawned to an existing resource. If you need to add additional collection information at a later time you will need to do so manually. As always, be sure to save your changes by clicking a save button.


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