Location Profiles: Creating a Location


There are several ways to create a location profile.

Location profiles can be accessed and created from a location record, which can be accessed through the repository or through the instance sub-record for a specific accession or resource record.

Once you are in the location form, use the location profile drop-down menu to select Create to access the Location Profile Creation form.

When you create location profile from within a location record, it will automatically link the location profile to that location record.

If you are creating location profiles ahead of time and are not yet ready to link them to specific locations, use the System menu and the Manage Location Profiles option.

On this page click the Create Location Profile button. This will open up a New Location Profile creation form. There is only one required field and that is the Name field. The other four fields should be filled out if you want to use the space calculator.

Dimension units allows you to choose the measurement unit that will be used.

If you want to add more than one location profile at a time, click the plus one (+1) button. It will save your current location profile record and provide you with a new creation form. If you are creating a single location profile, click the Save Location Profile button. Because this location profile was created in the repository, it is not yet linked to a specific location record.


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