Location Records: Linking Locations


To link a location to a top container record, start from either an accession or resource record. Go to the Instances sub-record and add a container instance. Create a top container.

Clicking on the Create link brings up the Location component.

Fill in the required fields. There are two choices for linking to an existing location. Use the space calculator to find an available location, which is discussed in a separate video, or use the browse function to find the location to link to. Select the location and then click on Link to Locations.

Finish filling in the top container information and then click Create and Link to top container.

Another way to link a location to a top container is to use the gear wheel menu next to the repository name and select Manage Top Containers.

Use the top container search form to find a specific container.

Find the specific container, select it by click on the check box and then click the Edit button. From here, open the location component, click the down arrow and find an existing location using the space calculator or the Browse option.

A third way to link a location to a top container is to link it to more than one top container at the same time. Click on the gear wheel menu next to the repository name, and select manage top containers.

Find the top container you want to link to multiple locations, select it by clicking on check box to the left of the container you want to modify. Use the bulk operation to link to a single location or link to multiple locations.

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