In order to create a deaccessions sub-record, you must be in edit mode of the accessions record. Click on the Deaccessions link on the left hand menu to get to the Deaccessions section.

The tooltip tells us "Deaccessions records information about materials that may have been separated and discarded, returned to a donor, or transferred to another institution." 

Click on the Add Deaccession button.

The Portion field is required and it's used to specify whether an extent statement relates to the whole or part of the given described aggregation or object. There are two options in this dropdown menu, which cannot be modified. Part or Whole.

In this example we select Part.


The Description field is also required. This is a description of the materials that have been deaccessioned.

Reason is not a required field. Repositories should decide which optional fields they are going to use. 

Disposition is a description indicating what was done with the deaccession. A deaccession could also be used if materials were going to be sent somewhere else; it is not necessarily for returning something to the donor. Perhaps the materials are being sent to another repository.

Notification Given is a checkbox indicating that notification of the deaccession was given. 

The Deaccession Date section is at the bottom.

The Label is going to be deaccession by default since that is what we are describing.

The Expression field can be used to write out a natural language expression specifying the date or date range of the materials in this accession. It is required when normalized date is not recorded and DACS 2.4 is the standard recommended for filling in this field. 

The Type field indicates a type for normalized date information either a single date or date range which could be inclusive or in bulk. The choices here are Bulk Dates, Inclusive Dates, Range, and Single. In this example I'm going to choose Bulk Dates and type them into the expression field. 

The Certainty field would be used if I wasn’t sure about the integrity of the dates. 

Era is a period during which years are numbered and dates reckoned such as PC or CE. By default CE is an option, and repositories may modify the values in this dropdown menu.

Calendar is a system of reckoning time such as the Gregorian calendar or Julian calendar, and the value is Gregorian by default. It uses the DACS 2.4.5 standard.  The values in this dropdown menu may be modified by the repositories.

You can also add an Extents sub-record

An additional deaccession can be added by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the deaccession sub-record or on the Add Deaccession button at the top of the deaccession sub-record. If you decide to delete a deaccession sub-record, click on the X and then click on Confirm Removal.  Remember to click Save Accession.

To deaccession the entire Accession Record, choose Whole in the portion area, save changes then click the Suppress button. This will keep the Accession Record in the database for recording purposes, but it will not be available to most users. Only users with certain permissions will be able to access them. When other staff users are using ArchivesSpace the Deaccession Record will not show up in their search results. 

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