Resource records in ArchivesSpace can include any number of additional components or archival objects for each resource. To view components or archival objects associated with the resource, navigate to the particular resource. At the top, you will see a tree with a drop-down arrow that will let you view the different series, subseries, and item level components associated with this collection.

Click on a component to see more information about this archival object. There is no limit to the number of archival objects that can be added to a collection and no limit to the length of series, subseries, or item lists.

This allows you to add as much description and as many levels as necessary to complete your resources. As with accessions and main resource records, follow DACS standards for sub-records. You may choose whether or not these records get published in the ArchivesSpace public interface.

When adding components to an ArchivesSpace resource record you must be in edit mode. Once you have entered edit mode you will see a menu at the top of the resource tree that provides options to manage your levels.

Select a component and click on Add Child or Add Sibling. If you select the top-level component, Add Child will be the only option. You can cut and paste information, move levels up or down or into other sections, and be transferred to other resource records. You can also choose the rapid data entry option, which allows you to quickly add pieces of information to your resources.



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