Entries for Date identify and record the date(s) that pertain to the creation, assembly, accumulation, and/or maintenance and use of the materials being described. See DACS 2.4.

Add a Date Entry

  1. Create a new record or open an existing Accession Record for editing.

  2. Click Dates to move to the Date fields of the Accession Record.
  3. Click Add Date to the right of the Dates section.
  4. A new entry will open beneath any already completed Dates.

    The drop-down menu options in this section cannot be customized, with the exceptions of Era and Calendar.

  5. The first field, which is required, is Label. The drop-down menu options are:

    • Agent Relation

    • Broadcast

    • Copyright

    • Creation
    • Deaccession

    • Digitized

    • Event

    • Existence

    • Issued

    • Modified

    • Other

    • Publication

    • Usage

    • Record Keeping

    • Created

  6. Expression is an optional field. It is open text, and can be used to describe the dates in more natural language.

    If Expression is not entered, the date following date will be required. This is an opportunity to make some local policy decisions about which fields will be filled in depending on the information available.
  7. Type is a required field. The drop-down menu options are:
    • Bulk Dates
    • Inclusive Dates
    • Single

  8. The final three fields - Certainty, Era and Calendar - are optional.

    1. Certainty is only used if one is uncertain about the integrity of the dates. The drop-down options are Approximate, Inferred and Questionable.

    2. Era only comes with ce in the drop down out of the box.

    3. Calendar only comes with Gregorian in the drop down out of the box.

  9. Save the record with the Save Accession button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Add or Remove Date Entries

Add more date entries with the plus sign at the bottom of each section or the Add Date button in the upper right of the section.

Remove a date entry with the X in the upper right of the section.







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