Extent entries Indicate the extent and the physical nature of the materials being described as outlined in DACS 2.5.

Add a New Extent Entry

  1. Create a new Accession Record or open an existing record.
  2. From the left is a menu, click Extents to move to the Extent section.
  3. Click Add Extent to the right of the Extents section.
  4. A new entry will open beneath any already completed Extents.

  5. The first field, which is required, is Portion. This information is used to specify whether an Extents statement relates to the whole or part of a given described aggregation or object. The drop-down menu options are
    • Part - This is ideal for when an Accession is comprised of many different items.
    • Whole
  6. The second field, also required, is Number. This is a free text field and is used to indicate the number of units in the Extents statement.
  7. Type is the next field and is required. Indicates the type of unit used to measure the extent of the materials. Institutions can modify this list, but out of the box the drop-down menu options are:

    • Cassettes
    • Cubic Feet
    • Files
    • Gigabytes
    • Leaves
    • Linear Feet
    • Megabytes
    • Photographic Prints
    • Reels
    • Sheets
    • Terabytes
    • Volumes
    • microfilm_reels
    • linear_foot
    • folder
    • items
    • folders
    • boxes
    • item
    • volume
    • other_unmapped
  8. Container Summary, Physical Details, and Dimensions are optional.
    1. Container Summary is a list of containers and container types housing the materials.
    2. Physical Details is used to describe other physical details of the materials.
    3. Dimensions describe the length and width of the materials.
  9. Save the record with the Save Accession button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Add or Remove Extent Entries

Add more date entries with the plus sign at the bottom of each section or the Add Date button in the upper right of the section.

Remove a date entry with the in the upper right of the section.

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