Top Containers: Linking


There are two types of material records that can be linked to an existing top container:

  1. Accessions
  2. Resource Records

In this example, we will be using the resource record "David Griffith Patent" and the top container "Box Box 2".

In edit mode, please select the resource record you wish to add to an existing top container. Once the record has been selected, click Instances on the left-hand-side of the screen.

You will be taken to another page where you will then click on Add Container Instance. In the Instance box, there are two required fields that will need to be addressed. The first will be the type of container and the second will allow you to browse for the specific top container. On the first drop down, choose the type that appropriately matches the container you are looking for. On the top container drop down, select browse. A different screen will automatically pop-up. The easiest way to locate the top container would be by selecting Browse on the Resource drop-down. You may use the other fields (i.e., Barcode(s)) to narrow down the search results, but it is not required.

On the Browse Resource page, choose the appropriate top container followed by clicking on the Link to Top Containers at the bottom of the page. 

At this time, you will be directed to the Instance box once again. To help refine future archival searches, fill out the Child Type and Child Indicator blocks. Once you have completed these steps, don't forget to click save.


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