Collection Management


Collection Management fields are intended for additional, internal-only information about how the materials described will be or have been processed.

Add a Collection Management Entry

  1. Create a new Accession record or open an Accession Record for editing.
  2. On the left is a menu of quick links for navigation throughout the record. Click Collection Management to be taken to this area of the Accession Record.
  3. To add a new Collection Management entry:
    1. Click Add Collection Management Fields to the right of the Collection Management section.
    2. A new entry will open beneath any already completed entries.

  4. Complete fields according to the descriptions below.

  5. Save the record with the Save Accession button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Collection Management Field Descriptions

  • Processing Priority - Indicates the priority assigned to processing of archival unit. The default dropdown menu options are:
    • High
    • Low
    • Medium

These menu options for Processing Priority can be modified.

  • Rights Determined - Indicates whether the rights for an archival unit have been determined and a rights record created and linked to the archival unit. Check the box for yes.
  • Processing Plan - For recording a plan for processing of the archival unit. The plan may include an outline of the arrangement for the archival unit, as well as instructions for how to treat particular objects in the archival unit. The plan might also specify different assignments for different repository staff.
  • Processors - For listing to whom processing of the archival unit has been assigned. Make sure that information is uniformly entered in this field.
  • Processing hrs/unit Estimate - The time a repository estimates that is required to process a unit of archival materials. The estimate may factor in, or not, the production of finding aids, catalog records, and other access products.
  • Processing Total Extent - A numerical expression for the total extent processed.
  • Extent Type - A term indicating the type of unit used to measure the extent of materials described. This field is required if a value was entered into Processing Total Extent. The dropdown menu options are: 

    • Cassettes
    • Cubic Feet
    • Files
    • Gigabytes
    • Leaves
    • Linear Feet
    • Megabytes
    • Photographic Prints
    • Reels
    • Sheets
    • Terabytes
    • Volumes
    • microfilm_reels
    • linear_foot
    • folder
    • items
    • folders
    • boxes
    • item
    • volume
    • other_unmapped

    Menu options for Extent Type can be modified but the use of the DACS standard is recommended.

  • Total Processing Hours - The numerical result of multiplying "processing hours per foot estimate" by "processing total extent". The value can be overwritten to reflect the actual processing time and not a value based on the estimated processing hrs/unit value. This field is required if a value was entered into Processing Total Extent.
  • Funding Source - Used to indicate the source funding the processing of the described materials.

There can only be one Collection Management sub-record per Accession Record. The existing record can be deleted using the x in the upper right-hand corner.




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