Using the Space Calculator in a Container Profile Record


To determine (in general) where you might have available space for a particular type of container, use the Space Calculator from the Container Profile record for that type of container.

To do this, click System and then select Manage Container Profiles.

Use the textbox and filters to location the Container Profile that you want to check space availability for and click the edit button next to it.

This will open the Container Profile form. Click on the Space Calculator button to determine if any space is available for this specific Container Profile.

Depending on how detailed the location record depends on how many fields you will be able to select from on the Space Calculator form.  The building is a required field.  Additional fields are optional and will only appear if the information has been entered for them. Select the building field values describing the space you would like to search and click Check for Space.

This will show the available space for containers that use this container profile. For this example, there is no space available for the building field values selected.  This is for informational purposes only.   If you want to find a location for a specific Top Container, you would use the Space Calculator from the Top Container record.

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