Top Containers: Bulk Operations


One of the many time-saving features of ArchivesSpace is the ability to perform the same operation on more than one top container simultaneously. This process is also known as bulk operations.

To perform a bulk operation first, click the gear wheel next to the repository name and select Manage Top Containers.

On the next screen, use the keyword search function and then choose the Top Containers you wish to perform the bulk operation on.

In the upper right, click on bulk operations and select one of the six possible operations (Update ILS Holding IDs, Update Container Profiles, Update Locations: Single Location, Update Locations: Multiple Locations, Rapid Barcode Entry and Delete Top Containers).

  1. Update Integrated Library System (ILS) Holding IDs- Used to update ILS identifier on top container.
  2. Update Container Profiles- Browse and select the associated profile.
  3. Update Locations: Single Location- Used to update where the containers or from or location. You may select an existing location or create a new one.
  4. Update Locations: Multiple Locations- Used to set the location just like the Update locations: Single location except you may choose a different location for each resource or accession.
  5. Rapid Barcode Entry: Easily input the barcode number to each container.
  6. Delete Top Containers: Used to delete multiple containers at once.

When updating containers: select the appropriate drop-down for the bulk operation, click update/delete records and then continue. Please be aware it may take a few minutes before the changes take effect.

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