Location Profiles: Location Profile Overview


A location profile describes the dimensions of a location.

In order to use the space calculator in ArchivesSpace, you are required to use location profiles, locations, top containers, and top container profiles.

By default, the user permission associated with creating, updating and deleting location profiles is not enabled. To add these permissions to a user, go to Settings, Manage Groups, and locate the group to add this permission to.

Click on Edit next to the group name.

Place a checkmark in the box next to the 'create/update/delete location profile records' option.

There are a few ways that you can access location profiles.

One is from the system menu.

From here you can go to the Manage Location Profiles area and this is a place where you can create location profiles.

Location Profiles are also accessible from location records from the browse menu.

Click edit next to the location you would like to work on.

Once I'm in the location record there is a location profile where I can browse or create from here.


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