Sub-Record: Related Agents


The Related Agents sub-record allows supplemental information to be added to an agent record. To add information in the Related Agents sub-record, first open the agent record in edit mode.

For this example, we are using a person agent record, but these steps apply to any agent record you might be using.

Find the sub record at the bottom of the agent record called Related Agents and click on Add Related Agent.

There are three different relationship types.

There is Associative relationship, Earlier/Later relationship, and Parent-Child relationship. Depending on which relationship type is selected, a different form opens.

Associative Relationship

Selecting the Associative Relationship option opens a separate form to describe the associative relationship. There is only one option for relationship type; Associative with Related. Use the search box to find the related agent.

If you know the Agent you are looking for, start typing the name and select it from the results. Otherwise, click on the down arrow and go to the Browse screen or you can create an agent directly from here. If you choose to browse, select the agent you want to use by clicking on the circle next to it and then click 'Link to Agents'.

Use the description field to add additional information about the relationship.

Dates Sub-Record for a Related Agent

There is also a Dates sub-record for a related agent.


The label is typically set to Agent Relation. There are other options but Agent Relation makes the most sense.

 Fill in the dates like you would on a Dates sub-record.

Earlier/Later Relationship

The Earlier/Later Relationship has two relationship types: Earlier Form of Related and later Form of Related.

This related type of relationship is used if the agent was known as some other entity in the past or became something else in the future. For instance, a corporate entity or institution could have been known by one name but changed their name down the road.

Parent/Child Relationship

The third type of relationship type is the Parent/Child relationship.

The two options for this Relationship are Child of Related and Parent of Related. If there are family members already set up as agent records, type their name in the Related Agent field, browse to find them, or create a new agent. When searching for the related agents, note that only Person Agents show up in the results.
You can use the description box to add additional information about that relationship and add date information as well.

Publishing and Agent Record

If you choose to publish an agent record and you also linked that agent to another agent, the other agent has to also be published in order for them to show up on the public interface. So if this particular agent record was not checked to be published we would not see them listed.
Save the agent record when finished editing.



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