Atlas-Hosted vs. Self-Hosted Reporting Services


If your Ares server is hosted by Atlas Systems, your reporting services will also be hosted on our report server. Your Report Builder is installed locally on your system, and we host your Report Manager and database connection. If you are not hosted by Atlas, you can install SSRS on your system and host the reporting services locally or you can choose to host them at Atlas.

Atlas-Hosted Reporting Services

Sites hosting their reports at Atlas Systems will work with their Atlas Representative to set up reporting services.

Atlas Installation Responsibilities

Atlas provides the following features and services when hosting your reporting services:

  1. We create a data source connection within SSRS that allows your reporting services to connect to your database when reports are run.
  2. We provide your institution with a URL address to connect your Report Builder to the report server.
  3. We provide your institution with a URL address, username, and password so that you can connect to your Report Manager via the web.
  4. We provide your institution with a folder within the Report Manager to securely and confidentially house your reports and data source information on our report server.
  5. We provide your institution with default reports.

Institution Installation Responsibilities

The following actions are necessary for Atlas to properly install your hosted SSRS system:

  1. Institutions must open port 1433 to the Atlas SQL Server IP address so that the reporting services can connect to your database.
  2. Institutions need to create a read-only username and password for the Atlas reporting services to use to connect to your Ares database.
  3. You will need to download and run a copy of SQL Server Report Builder to create your reports locally. See Ares Hardware and Software Requirements for information on supported versions.

Self-Hosted Reporting Services

If you elect to install and host SSRS locally, you must use versions of Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Report Builder that are supported by Atlas Systems.

See Ares Hardware and Software Requirements for more information on supported versions.


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