Processing Items Cancelled by Instructors


If an Instructor cancels a hard copy Item, it will be flagged as Hard Copy Item Cancelled by Instructor and will appear on the Ares client dashboard. The flagging will occur regardless of the Item's status at the time of the modification.

Processing Items Cancelled by Instructors

Instructors can delete an Item on the Ares web pages by viewing or editing a Course Item and selecting Delete Item. Once they have done this, the Item will be flagged with the status of Hard Copy Item Cancelled by Instructor. Additionally, they will move to the Cancelled by Instructors queue.

  1. On the Ares home page, double-click the Hard Copy Item Cancelled by Instructor queue to see a list of Items that have been flagged.
  2. If needed, remove the cancelled Items from your stacks and complete any necessary processing.
  3. Once the Item has been removed, clear the item from Ares by clicking Remove Flag.
  4. The flag will be removed, but the Item will remain in the Item Cancelled by Instructor status.

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